What Is Whey Protein | Benefit And Harm

The way to build a beautiful body is not easy and involves not just training. To achieve the best result, your entire lifestyle must meet the desired goal. First of all, it concerns nutrition. Tips to buy whey protein will fall on you from all angles as soon as you decide to use sports supplements. But like any other drug, you can not take it without understanding.


What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein

Like other additives, this popular remedy has a natural origin, namely an animal. As the name implies, they get powder from the serum. It, in turn, is a byproduct of cheese production. Some time ago manufacturers did not know its value, but now the issue is well studied. The watery part of the milk, which is whey, contains easily digestible amino acids, lactose, a full set of B vitamins, calcium and other nutrients. In fact, it absorbs all the best that is in dairy products. The protein is close in composition to the protein contained in women’s milk. It is difficult to imagine something more useful and nutritious.

Why is whey protein so popular?

The supplement is effective for muscle gain, as it provides the body with the amino acids necessary for muscle construction, including essential ones. Keep the protein norm without the use of sports nutrition

In addition, whey protein:

  • Increases the release of hormones that have beneficial effects on muscle growth.
  • Due to the high content of leucine reduces blood sugar and helps to restore the skin and bones.
  • It has the highest rate of absorption, as this type of protein is faster processed by cells.
  • Increases metabolism, thereby contributing to weight loss. However, it is worth noting that, unlike casein, this protein quenches the feeling of hunger only for a short time.
  • Improves well-being, increases immunity, helps in the fight against various diseases.

Thus, the supplement can be used for weight loss, while you reduce the percentage of fat and maintain muscle mass, but it is necessary to observe the regime of calorie deficiency. The whey protein itself has a specific taste, so manufacturers usually interrupt it with different flavors. The most popular are strawberries, chocolate and vanilla.

It is important to understand that all the laudatory speeches refer primarily to pure squirrel, which is quite difficult to distinguish. In reality, the mixtures can have benefits to varying degrees and other properties. It all depends on the specific supplement.


Which whey protein to choose

Obviously, the type of supplement listed on the bank does not guarantee the above effect. Choosing, you need to pay attention not only to the manufacturer, but also to the degree of protein processing. Depending on this factor, distinguish:

  • concentrate. The protein itself accounts for up to 80% of the composition. It also contains lactose, fats and a wide range of useful elements. Well digested, not suitable for drying.
  • Isolate. About 90% is made up of pure protein. The content of fats, lactose and vitamins is lower.
  • Hydrolysate has the maximum degree of purification and absorption rate. Essentially raises the level of insulin, fat and lactose completely removed.

Some additives are a mixture of whey protein of varying degrees of processing. Despite not the highest percentage of pure protein, concentrates are the best option. They are characterized by a large amount of nutrients and a relatively low price.


How to use it

Whey protein is usually diluted in cocktails with water, milk or juice. Due to rapid absorption, it is more commonly used after training, for half an hour. This will blunt the feeling of hunger and quickly restore muscle nutrition. This is the best time to consume whey protein. In addition, it makes sense to take a supplement before training – for two hours. In the process of weight loss, it is appropriate to replace one of the meals with a protein shake. It is also useful to consume a mixture between meals. And to stop the process of muscle destruction during sleep, a portion of protein should be the first thing you consume in the morning. After about 40 minutes, it should be followed by a balanced breakfast. A morning intake is enough if you don’t exercise.

In general, whey protein is harmless and is suitable for everyone except people with lactose intolerance. Due to the negative effect of high concentrations of protein on the kidneys, people with diseases of these organs should also be careful. If used incorrectly, a digestive disorder may occur. Unpleasant sensations can be caused by taste additives, this is another reason to carefully study the composition of the mixture.

You can buy whey protein in any sports nutrition store. Well-composing a diet and a training plan you can achieve amazing results. We must recognize that the use of supplements provides unique opportunities for improving and maintaining physical fitness.

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