Best Urologist in India | Top 10 Indian Urologist of 2021

What is urology?

Specialty medical-surgical, urology supports the affections of the urinary tract of the woman and the man (bladder, ureter, urethra). It also covers the reproductive system and male reproductive (prostate, penis, testicles).

When to consult a Urologist?

It is recommended to first make an appointment with his general practitioner. It is he who directs them to a consultation with a urologist, in particular :

  • urinary tract infections to repetition,
  • of urinary leakage,
  • traces of blood in the urine,
  • pain in testicles
  • dysfunction prostate or erectile dysfunction: conditions intimate that patients may be open to this specialist without taboo.

It was he who offers screening for prostate cancer from age 50. There are also urologists for children’s specialized, for example, in malformations or enuresis (nighttime incontinence).

Does that heal a surgeon urologist?

The urologist is treating multiple conditions in connection with the urinary tract: urinary retention or incontinence,

  • infections,
  • lesions,
  • malformations
  • cancers of the urinary tract

The doctor urologist also treats male infertility, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculation, cancers of the testicles, prostate. If he can take care of the pathologies, without resorting to surgery (renal colic leading to kidney stones in particular), many diseases of this specialty are treated by surgery.

How do the diagnosis and surgery in urology?

To make a diagnosis, the urologist asks the patient about his symptoms and medical and family history before performing a clinical examination and according to the disorders, the examination of the perineum and/or a digital rectal exam. It may also prescribe additional examinations: urine analysis (review cytobactériologique des urines), ultrasound, endoscopy, x-ray, balance sheet, urodynamics, cystoscopy, etc., Are based on techniques today that are less invasive (laparoscopy, ultrasound, hyperthermia, laser, etc.) thanks to innovative equipment that are present in the private hospitals Elsan, the surgery in urology has increased significantly in recent years, and interventions are more often performed in an outpatient setting.

List of Best Urologist in India 2021

  1. Dr. Sudhir Khanna
  2. Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat
  3. Dr. Rajiv Goel
  4. Dr. Mrinal Pahwa
  5. Dr. Parag Gupta
  6. Dr Rajinder Yadav
  7. Dr. Shailendra Kumar Goel
  8. Dr. Manoj Talwar
  9. Dr. Anant Kumar
  10. Dr. Rajinder Yadav
  11. Dr. Ajay Sharma