Should I Use Creatine When Cutting

A large proportion of the strength athletes sometimes use creatine powder. It is one of the most popular supplements, and its effect is scientifically proven. Creatine increases explosive strength and prevents acidification of your muscles. In general, creatine supplements are used during bulking, to build more strength and muscle mass. But can you also use creatine during the cut? In this blog, I’ll tell you if creatine use is smart when you’re dry training!

How does creatine work?


Before I start to tell you if using creatine while the cut is smart, I want to tell you about the effect briefly.

To control our muscles, our bodies need fuel. The fuel used to control muscle cells is called ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate). To provide energy, the body converts ATP to ADP (Adenosine Di Phosphate). Creatine ensures that this ADP is then converted back to ATP. This energy delivery system is called the ATP-CP system, or creatine phosphate system. This is one of the 3 different systems that our body uses to generate energy for delivering certain performance.

Therefore, the first system is the ATP-CP system, the second system is the lactic acid energy system, and the third system is called the oxygen energy system. Each system works differently but has the same objective, namely, to supplement ATP. Each energy system has a different speed at which this conversion takes place.

ATP-CP system

The ATP-CP system speedily delivers energy. However, the energy supply here is minimal. Creatine phosphate is first converted into ATP before muscle cells can use this as energy. Our muscles contain a limited supply of creatine phosphate, and therefore, this system provides no more than 10 seconds of energy.

Through creatine use, you ensure that your body has a larger creatine buffer. This makes it easier and more frequent to perform an explosive movement. If you use creatine, your muscles attract more water. You hold more moisture, and you see this again, both in the mirror and on the scale.


Creatine during cutting

It is sometimes thought that creatine causes more body fat or that it makes a reduction in your fat percentage more difficult. However, creatine does not increase your fat mass [1]. However, it can cause an increase in weight because the body retains more fluid in the muscles.

If you want to lose weight, it is not immediately recommended to use creatine. Your weight will not decrease, rather increase slightly. When dry training, however, you don’t look purely at your body weight. You want to lose fat and maintain as much muscle mass as possible. In that case, creatine can offer an advantage. Because your muscles acidify less quickly and your explosive strength increases, you can continue to train harder. In this way, you stimulate muscle building better, and you counter the loss of muscle mass during cutting.

Using creatine during cutting is not essential. One likes to continue to use creatine to maintain strength and muscle mass. The other prefers not to use creatine because more moisture is retained. This makes you look less dry.


Retaining moisture

After taking creatine, this is absorbed through your gastrointestinal tract and transported to your muscles. Your muscle cells attract more water and swell slightly through it [2]. Although the fluid is stored in the muscles and not in your skin, it can make you look less ‘hard’. Your muscles are less obvious, and you lose that sharp look.

Use creatine during the cut? Yes you can, as long as you take into account that you will retain some more fluid in your muscles and your weight will increase. Does this bother you? Then I recommend not taking a creatine supplement when drying.

Personally, I find it useful to take creatine when cut. It ensures that I have more strength and can continue to train heavily. This makes me less likely to lose muscle mass and stimulate my fat burning. I always opt for creatine monohydrate. This is the best creatine and also the most economical too!

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