Best Rheumatologist in India

What is rheumatology?

Rheumatology is a medical specialty that focuses on the functioning of the musculoskeletal system (skeleton, muscles, joints) and its malfunctions.

When to see a doctor a rheumatologist?

Your doctor will refer you to a rheumatologist if you suffer from bone pain, joint or muscle unexplained or functional impairment (limited movement, blocking, and joint).

Does that heal the rheumatology?

The rheumatologist supports

  • Conditions bone fractures, osteoporosis, deformities),
  • Of joint pain (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Pain peri-articular (tendinitis, tennis elbow)
  • Nervous disorders (sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain)

In addition to genetic factors, senior citizens, athletes, certain trades and crafts – building, farming, sewing, and overweight people are more particularly affected by these pathologies. The female population over the age of 50 is also very exposed to the fact of the weakening of the bone induced by the menopause. Quantified by examination (bone densitometry), the loss of strength of the bone is the primary cause of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

How is the treatment in rheumatology?

The generic term ” rheumatism ” covers, in fact, more than a hundred affections, more or less acute, affecting the entire musculoskeletal system. They are manifested by pain, swelling and/or stiffness of the joints. The consultation of a rheumatologist is a key moment to define a therapeutic protocol adequate and personalized. The treatment of pain occurs in a gradual manner. It can go by local treatments (creams, gels and patches, orthotic relief, infiltration rate, electrical stimulation), or in general, by injection or by the oral route. The use of surgery by an orthopedic surgeon, including the installation of a prosthesis (knee and hip, most often occurs in the case very debilitating. Maintaining a suitable activity is recommended to preserve muscle mass and the functioning joint.