Best Pediatrician in India | Top 10 Children Specialist in India

What is pediatrics?

Pediatrics is a medical specialty devoted to the child, since the intrauterine life (in connection with obstetrics ) until the end of adolescence. Looking at the supply and following the growth and evolution of the child, pediatrics plays an important role in prevention and detection and strives to diagnose and treat pathologies that can affect her health. Today, the doctor a pediatrician, who often works in-network with other health professionals, education and social workers, has imposed itself as a key player in its development.

What is a pediatrician?

General practitioner of the child, the pediatrician monitors his health, in the way of its growth and development, physical and mental. The privileged interlocutor of the parents, it advises them in matters of nutrition, sleep, hygiene, accident prevention. It is he also who is in charge of the early detection of certain pathologies and the monitoring of vaccination. If the child presents symptoms of illness, he asks, if possible, on his condition, clinical examination, and prescribed additional examinations (blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound scans, etc.), to determine the appropriate treatment to the clinical context and age.

When to consult a pediatrician?

In early childhood, when rapid growth weakens the body, consultations with the pediatrician, refunded by the social security, meet a mandatory schedule: monthly up to 6 months, quarterly up to 1 year, three times per year up to 2 years, twice a year up to 6 years. The physician then measures the size and the weight of the child, verifies their motor development, and sensory, vision and hearing, and will proceed to the vaccination. In all cases, if the child shows behavioural problems or signs of disease, infant or others, he should not hesitate to consult: the pediatrician provides the support, leaving to move to other specialists depending on the organ concerned shall, if it deems it necessary. With regard to pediatric emergencies, a consultation may be justified in cases of fever and significant, with signs of convulsions, significant pain, unexplained of symptoms of respiratory disorders (bronchiolitis in babies, asthma attacks, persistent), diarrhoea and persistent vomiting, etc., Depending on their gravity, falls, burns or bruises also require a consultation to pediatric emergencies.

How to choose a pediatrician?

If the choice of a pediatrician depends on the criteria of the parents (sex, age, attached or not to a health facility, pediatric centrepediatric centre, etc.), it is important to ensure its availability. Mouth-to-mouth, information from his GP or a pharmacist…: the sources to identify the pediatrician to meet the expectations of each are not lacking. The general physician can also very well assume this role if he accepts it.

What is pediatric surgery?

The surgery infant or pediatric is interested in the surgical management of diseases of children, as early as during the fetal period through adolescence (0-18 years). This specialty has two on-specializations :

  • visceral surgery paediatric,
  • paediatric orthopaedic surgery,

It is distinguished by a mode of operation-specific (instruments of suitable size, operative field restricted) and essential control of the process of morphological and physiological growth.

What is the paediatric surgeon?

The paediatric surgeon establishes if possible a relationship of trust with his young patient as much as with his parents: the impact of anxieties, fears, loss of landmarks, pain, etc., on the conditions of childhood is found. With the help of the whole surgical team and other specialists following the child, including the pediatrician it determines the terms and conditions of exploration (imaging, biopsy), intervention and follow-up. Whether it’s the consequences of premature birth, an accident, a congenital malformation or diagnosed during adolescence, type of scoliosis, the goal of any paediatric surgeon is to fight against the pain of the child and allow him a return to the earlier home.

How to choose a surgeon for your child?

The specialty children’s surgery being little represented in France, it is more appropriate to choose the most appropriate site: a large hospital multi-disciplinary, with pediatrics, anesthesia, infant, intensive care neonatology and pediatric. or a facility specifically dedicated to the pathologies of the child. The anesthetic techniques performed (Hypno sedation, for example), the home of the parents in rooms, outpatient surgery, follow-up care in a day hospital, etc. are also some of the desired criteria.

Surgery infant: what are the risks?

Infant surgery is support very characteristic. Thus, the anaesthetic is carefully tailored to each child’s (dose and technique), and the preoperative consultation is a time particularly important. The risk of allergy, hemorrhage, infections are the same as for an adult surgery, but its effects can be more severe, hence the need for an oversight, and very quick response.

List of the 10 Best Pediatrician in India 2021

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  2. Dr Rashid Merchant (Pediatrician)
  3. Dr Ved Prakash (Pediatrician)
  4. Dr Bhavesh D. Rusawat (Pediatrician)
  5. Dr. Sunit Chandra Singhi
  6. Dr Omkar Nath Bhakoo (Pediatrician)
  7. Dr R. N. Srivastava (Pediatrician)
  8. Dr Y K Amdekar (Pediatrician)
  9. Dr Andal. A (Pediatrician)
  10. Dr A K Sharma (Pediatrician)