5 Best Orthopedics in Chennai

If you are in search of an excellent and professional orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad who can treat and help you get rid of any kind of orthopedic complications, then here is a list of eminent doctors who are specialist in orthopedic surgery in Hyderabad. orthopedic problems are very common after the 40s of both male and female and must be catered to with immediate attention since negligence can lead to difficulty in movement. Let us have a look at the top 5 doctors in Hyderabad who excel in their profession and gives highly satisfying to their patients-


Best Orthopedics in Chennai

Dr. A Navaladi Shankar- MBBS; MNAMS; Dortho; DNB; FAO

Dr. A Navaladi Shankar (Registration number- 52304) is a consultant orthopedic surgeon based in Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. The doctor has a working experience of 22 years in the same field. Dr. A Navaladi Shankar has completed an MBBS degree followed by MNAMS. Dr. Shankar has been experienced as a consultant orthopedic surgeon with a fellowship from Germany, France and the USA. He has been engaged in working with Apollo Hospitals since his last assignment.

Among his awards and achievements, he has been awarded as the Best International Tutor AO for the first time in India in the field of ceramic knee replacement. Talking of the research and publications done by Dr. A Navaladi Shankar there are a few to mention which include- management of compound tibial fractures with AO external fixators and delayed soft tissue coverage, location of the Plica Syndrome in internal derangements of knee. Knee flexion in total knee Arthroplasty rehabilitation and many others.

Dr. Shankar membership in quite several associations professionally and they are- Indian orthopedic Association, Tamil Nadu Orthopedic Association, Indian Trauma Society, Asia Pacific orthopedic Association, Indian hip, knee Arthroplasty Society and Indian Arthroplasty Society.

You can get satisfactory and quick remedy from orthopedic problems if treated by dr. A Navaladi Shankar.


Dr. Arun Kumar Ramanathan- MBBS, MS (Ortho) [UK], MRCS [UK], MD (research) [UK].

Dr. Arun Kumar Ramanathan (Registration number- 57163) is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Chennai providing comprehensive treatment and remedy to patients suffering from severe orthopedic problems. He is a doctor with a professional experience of 15 years and above. Throughout his academic career, he has received education in orthopedic surgery from India, Germany and the UK. He is currently based in Chennai and caters to all patients who visit him for their orthopedic needs.

Dr. Ramanathan has been awarded quite several awards and achievements and the most popular among them is his Honours Fellowship from the University of Dundee, United Kingdom. He has also been awarded the International Reviewer for the orthopedic Journal named ‘The Foot’. There are quite a huge number of research and publications which Dr. A. K. Ramanathan has reviewed and published. Apart from this, there are certain works of research that he has done as he was funded by the university. The doctor holds many professional memberships in different councils including General Medical Council, Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), UK, Medical Council of India, Tamil Nadu Medical Council and British orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society [UK].

His areas of interest are orthopedic surgery, as he is a specialist in the replacement of joints and foot and ankle surgery. Minimally invasive Foot Surgery, Correction of foot deformities, replacement of knee and ankle, reconstruction, fusion surgeries, diabetic foot management and management of fracture are some of his specialties in which he holds a good hand.


Dr. Aghilavendan P- MBBS; MS (Ortho); ISSLS traveling Spine Fellow.

Dr. Aghilavendan P (Registration number- 79743) is a qualified orthopedic surgeon with an experience of 5 years in a spine fellowship from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and is currently involved with Apollo Hospital, Chennai. Dr. Aghilavendan P is a gold medalist who specializes in spine surgeries, treatments of back pain in both adults and senior citizens, surgeries for trauma and other relevant surgeries.

Among the various notable works of Dr. Aghilavendan P, there are seven journals in State, two international journals, national-level gold medal in orthopedics. He also made an international presence at a conference in Hong Kong. Dr. Aghilavendan holds professional memberships in NASS, AO Spine, ASSI, TNOA and IOA.


Dr. Anand Y- MBBS, MS (Ortho), MCh.

Dr. Anand Y (Registration number-74064) is an MBBS qualified orthopedic surgeon and is based in Chennai. He has a working experience of 10 years with a lot of professional experience in the same field. From the year 2005 to 2008 he has been working in Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. He has worked from 2008 to 2013 in Apollo Speciality Hospitals which is in Greams Road, Chennai. Since 2013, to date, Dr. Anand Y has been working in Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Vanagaram. Dr. Anand has received the award on Basic trauma from MIOT and he holds a membership in the India Arthroscopy Society and is an AO since 2008. Being one of the ablest orthopedic surgeons in Chennai, Dr. Anand Y provides treatment with a lot of care and he specializes in the replacement of knee, hips, arthroscopy and trauma.


Dr. Balaji Srinivasan- MS (Ortho); MSc (Ortho; Engg), (UK); MCh (Ortho), (UK).

Based in Chennai, Dr. Balaji Srinivasan (Registration number- 43260) is a renowned orthopedic surgeon who has a professional experience of 27 years. He is working at present with Apollo Hospitals and has been providing flawless service since his last assignment. Not only is the doctor an orthopedic surgeon, but also an orthopedic engineer in India. Thus, we can very well conclude that he has a polished hand in orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Srinivasan has achieved many awards and has also carried out many International Publications with his works. The doctor has professional membership in the IOA. His expertise lies in treating or conducting total hip and knee replacement. Also, he has carried out orthopedic treatments related to cerebral palsy and geriatric orthopedics as well.

He provides complete care and attention while dealing with complicated cases of orthopedics and provides them with assured remedy within the minimum time possible.

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