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Orthopaedic surgery and traumatology

What is orthopaedic surgery and traumatology?

The orthopaedic and trauma surgery focuses on the surgical treatment of deformities (orthopedics) and accidents (trauma) of the skeletal system: skeleton, muscles and what connects them (tendons and ligaments). One distinguishes on-specialties such as :

  • reconstructive surgery bone, joint, ligament and musculotendinous,
  • prosthetic surgery of the hip, knee and other joints,
  • arthroscopic surgery,
  • reconstructive surgery of fractures osteoarticular,
  • trauma surgery of the hand.

What does the orthopedic surgeon and traumatology?

What does the orthopedic surgeon and traumatology? Upstream of the intervention, the orthopaedic surgeon and traumatology collaborate with many other specialists, sports physicians, specialists in functional rehabilitation, pediatrician or geriatrician to extreme ages. Like all surgeons, he made a preoperative careful to determine the actions and techniques which it will use, specify the terms and conditions of the anesthesia with the anaesthetist. The block it has numerous techniques are in constant evolution to today, for a growing number of interventions (hip prosthesis, knee prosthesis, surgery of the carpal tunnel, arthroscopy.) of decrease :

  1. the size of the incision (minimally invasive surgery)
  2. the risks associated with the procedure (pain, infection)
  3. the duration of hospitalization, etc

Other interventions, however, may require a conventional approach, particularly for sensitive operations, for example, involving the spine (sciatica).

When to consult an orthopedic surgeon and traumatology?

The consultation of an orthopaedic surgeon and traumatology is made, except in an emergency, at the request of the attending physician or another specialist. It imposes itself in front of the joint pain to extremely disabling, limitation of use of a joint, a risk of aggravation of injury (fracture, badly reduced, risk of fractures, spontaneous), a bone deformity annoying.

List of Best Orthopedic Surgeon in India 2021

  1. Dr. Ashok Rajgopal
  2. Dr. Ramneek Mahajan
  3. Dr. Sanjiv K S Marya
  4. Dr. Subhash Jangid
  5. Dr. Ashok Rajgopal
  6. Dr. Yash Gulati
  7. Dr. IPS Oberoi
  8. Dr A Navaladi Shankar
  9. Dr. Bhushan Narayana
  10. Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala