Onion Juice For Hair | onion juice for hair loss and for more hair growth

No, it doesn’t stink – at least not the result! 🙂 That is the first question that most people ask me immediately. I’ve heard about an onion hair mask for a long time, which is supposed to help against hair loss. She also makes tired hair cheerful again. The hair gets more shine and strength. Hair growth is stimulated enormously. However positive it sounds, few dare to do it. People are afraid of the smell of onions.

On the Internet, many people report that hair smells strongly of onions after use. But also that the hair mask really helps great. A good friend of mine, who I have known since childhood, makes this mask regularly. It confirms the effect of the hair cure and could also prevent or stop one or the other hair loss. I have organized the hair mask because you can find many recipes with at least one egg on the internet. Instead, I read a lot about yogurt. It should not only provide valuable protein but also help against the onion smell. In addition to the freshly squeezed onion juice, there is also lemon and linseed oil as an ingredient in the recipe.

Onions have essential sulfur compounds that have a positive effect on the hair. Also, the onion juice provides better blood flow to the scalp, and the hair grows faster. The onion juice and linseed oil also help against grey hair. The linseed oil provides your hair with important fatty acids and makes it supple. The lemon not only provides a lot of shine but also neutralizes the onion smell. If you apply the onion hair mask at least once a week and perform the cure for about 2-3 months, you get very nice results. I already had a great result after the first application. My hair was gleaming and powerful. I will add to this article when my cure is over.


Ingredients for the onion hair mask

  • 1 medium onion (about 3 tbsp onion juice)
  • 1 lemon (1/2 lemon juice for the hair mask, 1/2 lemon for rinsing after washing your hair
  • 1 tbsp linseed oil
  • 2 tbsp organic soy yogurt without sugar (as short a list of ingredients as possible!)

Action time: 30 minutes

Preparation of the onion mask for hair in case of hair loss

The onion is best mixed in a high-performance blender (with 1 tbsp water to help if necessary) to a pulp-like, fine mass. The onion juice can be obtained very easily by pressing the porridge through a fine sieve (e., B. tea sieve). Alternatively, you can take a clean kitchen towel and squeeze out the juice. Of course, you can also rub the onion on a fine grater, but tearful eyes are guaranteed. By the way, if you put water in your mouth and keep it in your mouth during onion cutting, your eyes don’t tear. I’ve already tried that! Mix all ingredients, creating a fairly liquid yet creamy mass. These are applied to some moist hair. I just made my hair moist a little with wet hands. The hair mask runs a little, but not if you .B. you put it inclined over the edge of the bathtub (or sink). The mask should cover the entire hair (incl. tips). I wrap my hair first in a thin cloth, then in a warm towel. A plastic hood does too, but we are here on a green blog. 😉 I keep the onion hair mask on my scalp and hair for about 30 minutes, then wash it out thoroughly with a shampoo. Finally, I rinse my hair with hand-warm lemon water (1 liter of water + 1/2 juice of a lemon).


Don’t your hair stink terribly for onions?

Not at all! I have read so many times that the hair smells like the onion hair mask. But it is often done wrong! To avoid the smell, make the onion hair mask together with lemon juice. The yogurt also neutralizes the smell super. When I mixed the onion juice with the lemon juice and yogurt, the mask smelled almost no more unpleasantly oniony. I also noticed a lemon scent. When I was applied, I had a few tearful eyes, but not strong. And during the time of the actias, I had no problems at all. Ok, the bath smells a bit like onions after application. But those who ventilate well afterward are on the safe side. After half an hour, I realized that my scalp was no longer in the mood. It felt well blooded and stimulated (but no itching or anything like that). That was a sign to me that half an hour is long enough. Listen to your feeling and leave the mask on your head only as long as you think it is right – and according to many recommendations, no longer than 30 minutes. When dry, my hair doesn’t smell like onions at all. When Wet, I noticed the last time washing my hair when I smelled them with a minimal hair mask. But that was just a touch. But the effect of the mask is great, and I will continue to test it for you. I am more than satisfied with the current results!

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