The Ultimate Guide to the Military Press

The Military Press (also called Overhead Press) is one of the basic fitness exercises for your shoulders. In almost every fitness schedule you will come across the Military Shoulder Press. Traditionally, this shoulder exercise is performed with a barbell (straight rod). A variant that is almost identical to this is the Dumbbell Shoulder Press. The Military Press can perform both standing and sitting. This press exercise is good to build more strength and muscle mass throughout your shoulder girdle. Of course, it is very important to learn the right technique. That’s why we explain the correct Military Press execution. Follow this explanation and you will achieve maximum results and prevent injuries.


The Shoulder Muscles

Before I explain the Military Press execution, let’s take a look at the shoulders themselves. The shoulder is a complex joint and is divided into 3 parts;

  • Deltoideus Anterior: the front part of the shoulder. Has as functions the forward tilting of the arm (anteversion), the inward turning of the shoulder (endorotation) and the movement of the arm (abduction).
  • Deltoideus Lateralis: the middle part of the shoulders. Has as a function the side movement of the arm of the body (abduction). This part cares for the width in the shoulder muscles.
  • Deltoideus Medialis: the back part of the shoulder. Has as functions the backward tilting of the arm (retroflexion), the outward turning of the shoulder (exorotation) and the movement of the arm (abduction).


Military Press execution

Want to learn the perfection technique for the Military Press? Then follow the steps below.

  1. Take a barbell and choose the right weight to train with
  2. Stand behind the rod and place your feet shoulder-width
  3. Grab the barbell with overhand grip (both hands on top of the bar)
  4. Lift the barbell up above your shoulders and keep a straight back
  5. Slowly lower the weight to just above your chest
  6. Then detonate the barbell without locking your elbows
  7. Repeat this move for the desired number of Reps from the Military Press


Technique tips Military Shoulder Press

In fitness exercises it is important to learn the right technique. A wrong movement can cause injuries and you want to prevent them. Now that you know the correct Military Press execution, it’s a good thing to take into account the tips below.

  • Keep a straight back during the entire movement. You want to train your shoulder muscles, so you’re not supposed to get the strength out of your back. Do you notice that you have to sit back or sit back excessively to knock out the barbell at the Overhead Press? Then it’s smart to choose a lighter weight.
  • Make sure you don’t extend the elbows completely and lock them at the upward phase of the Military Press. You not only remove the tension from your shoulder muscles, you also increase the pressure on your elbow joint. This can cause overload or another injury.
  • Not yet such an experienced power athlete? Safety for everything! Begin to learn the Military Press execution by running him in a Smith Machine. This allows you to master the movement before you start performing it loose (and heavier).


How do you do the Military Press properly?

The video below shows the correct Military Press execution and technique.

Training shoulders at home

Would you like to perform the Military Press to train your shoulders, but don’t exercise at a gym? Don’t worry, all you need is a rod with weights. Buying a barbell plus some discs is a small investment, which will definitely pay off. You can use the rod for many different exercises. So not only for the Military Press, but also for the Barbell Row or Barbell Curl.

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