How to Use a Chest Press Machine

Training the pectoral muscles is the most popular activity in the gym for many men. We all want a big chest, and it looks like it’s just a little busier in the power base on #chestday. There are many different fitness exercises for training your chest. We know the Bench Press, Dumbbell Fly and Incline Dumbbell Press. But in addition to these exercises that require a rod with weights or dumbbells, you can also train the pectoral muscles with devices. The Machine Chest Press is an example of such breast exercise. The Chest Press is a good exercise to train your pectoral muscles in a controlled way. Ideal when you are just starting strength training or suffer from an injury when bench pressing or dumbbell presses. On we will teach you the perfect Chest Press performance and give you some technique tips!

The pec muscles (musculus pectoralis)

The large pectoral muscle also called musculus pectoralis major, or pecs belong to the ventral muscle group. We can divide it into three parts, namely the pars clavicular, pars sternocostal and pars abdominalis. The large pectoral muscle is strong and has a four-sided shape when your arms hang down. When you raise the arm, the shape is triangular.

The pars clavicular and the pars sternocostal can perform anteflexion movement (forward arm charge). Also, the entire musculus pectoralis major provides adduction and end rotation of the arm. The pars sternocostal and pars abdominalis are used to move forward and down the shoulders.

In addition to the large pectoral muscle, we also find the small pectoral muscle at the chest’s front. The musculus pectoralis minor has its attachment to the shoulder belt via the raven-mouth protrusion (Processus coracoids). This muscle is mainly used in detraction (pulling shoulder girdle down) and mid-rotation (scapula to mid rotate). The small pectoral muscle is situated under the large pectoral muscle.

With these best pectoral exercises, you can train the strength and volume of the breast.

Chest Press execution

How to Use a Chest Press Machine
Man doing chest exercises on vertical bench press machine

Do you want to master the Machine Chest Press version? Then follow the steps below and learn the right technique. There are many different Chest Press devices, but the movement with which you train the pectoral muscles is always the same.

  1. Sit down on the Chest Press Machine and set the seat height.
  2. Choose the correct seat height by adjusting the seat. The handles should be at the same height as the middle of your chest.
  3. Place your back straight against the seat and hold your shoulders, elbows and wrists in one line.
  4. Then push the handles forward, taking the strength out of your pectoral muscles.
  5. Don’t lock your elbows. Stretch out your arms, but keep a slight bend in your elbow.
  6. Then lower the weight slowly to the starting position and repeat the above steps for the desired number of reps.

Machine Chest Press technique tips

Machine Chest Press technique tips
Man doing chest exercises on vertical bench press machine

Take the tips below to further perfect the Chest Press version. This way, you get more results and avoid injuries.

  • When you lower the weight, it is smart not to rest on the rest of the weight block. This way, you take the tension off your pectoral muscles (you rest as it were). Always keep something space between the block and the weights you press away.
  • Never arch your elbows, there will be a lot of tension on the joints and tendons. This can lead to overload or other nasty injuries. Always make sure you have a slight bend in the elbows.
  • Leave your ego at home! We all want to be strong and move a lot of weight, but a good Chest Press execution is much more important for good results. Start with a lightweight until you’re sure your technique is perfect. Only then can you start gradually increasing the weight.

Chest Press video

In this video, you can see the Chest Press version, and Scott Herman explains it.

Explaining fitness exercises

we explain many more fitness exercises. Check out the explanation to learn the perfect technique and get the most out of your strength training. Below you can see an overview of pectoral exercises. Would you like to learn how to perform an exercise that we haven’t dealt with yet? Please let us know in a comment!

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