How To Take Whey Protein

Protein can be used for rapid recovery, weight loss, maintenance and muscle growth. Depending on the goals should be guided by important rules, for example, how much powder and when it is better to take. The article presents the main features of protein intake for active men and women.

Today, more and more young people are beginning to pay attention to their bodies and various training programs. Many of them consider sports nutrition harmful to health and compare it with anabolic steroids. After a little time, people, convinced of their wrongness, begin to evaluate sports supplements as a convenient product for proper nutrition. The most common is whey protein. It is used by many beginners, all professional athletes, and representatives of other disciplines. Below, we’ll take a closer look at how to take whey protein.


What protein is for

All human and animal tissues are made up of protein or protein. Protein consists of a certain set of amino acids. In the process of physical activity, they break down in muscle tissue, which is why their normal recovery requires protein. If an ordinary person needs 1 gram of protein per kilogram of his own weight, athletes need about 2 grams for men and 1.5 grams for women.

This sports supplement is taken in the following cases:

  • For mass gain
  • For weight loss;
  • To stay fit;
  • To develop a variety of power qualities;
  • to quickly restore muscle.


How to drink protein

How to drink protein

It is necessary to calculate the amount of protein derived from conventional products. All types of protein (animal, plant, etc.) should be considered. With a quality diet will be about 90 grams per day. For an athlete weighing 75 kg, 150 grams are required. (75 x 2), so add 60 grams of powder. That’s about 2 servings of the cocktail.

The liquid component for cooking is regular water, milk, in some cases fruit juice. Stirring is more convenient to carry out in a special shaker. Each manufacturer has its own dosage of powder, so follow the instructions on the label. It is worth noting that beginners better start with small portions. So you can look at the body’s reaction to protein. The best time to take is in the morning, immediately after waking up and after training. This is the time when your hungry muscles need nourishment.

How to take protein for mass gain

For muscle gain, additional protein portions, in addition to morning and after training, can be taken between the main portions of food. They will accelerate the process of muscle recovery and growth. Here you can use milk for a cocktail, as it contains a lot of essential trace elements and vitamins.


How to take protein for weight loss

During the weight loss, consuming enough protein will keep your muscles and not lose strength. The dosage remains the same: 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight for men and 1.5 grams for women. The reduction in the caloric content of the diet is due to a reduction in the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

The full functioning of the body is possible only with sufficient protein consumption. Whey protein is a great protein supplement, which is completely difficult to obtain from a regular meal. A balanced diet during the training process will have a positive impact on the achievement of the goal and on the general condition of the body.

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