How to Increase Hair Density

Many factors determine the particularities of our hair. Genetics plays a key role in limiting fine or thick hair and, along with hormones, is responsible for androgenetic alopecia or common baldness. These factors are complicated to control since they depend on nature; interestingly, aspects as simple as preserving hair follicles and hair are fundamental to increasing hair volume and improving hair without body or vitality. Many times, even the simple way of fixing the hair increases its volume and makes it denser.


What is the density of the hair?

Hair density is the total number of individual hairs that indicates the number of hairs on a person’s head. There are several types of classification of hair types according to their density: fine, medium, and thick hair.

This characteristic is the main indicator when analyzing possible hair problems. The main risk factor for the development of baldness is the loss of hair thickness, which dermatologists consider to be a process of miniaturization. This process is triggered in the hair follicle and leads, if no treatment is performed, to reduce the thickness of the hair shaft and ultimately to the disappearance of the hair.


What causes hair density loss?

Many causes lead to loss of hair density and range from scalp diseases to lack of basic nutrients and stress situations. As for the reasons for hair loss and lack of hair volume, we should not forget hair care and hair care products, the vast majority of which contain many chemical ingredients that can have short-term beneficial effects. In the long run, they are the hidden culprits of many hair problems, including hair loss and thinning.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to increase hair volume and stimulate its growth, it is best to limit the use of hair chemicals and always look at the ingredients they contain. For example, products containing sulfates may be effective for cleaning, but they weaken and damage hair in the long run.


How do I increase hair density?

To increase the volume of hair and stimulate its growth, it is essential to maintain a good diet, control stress, and take good care of the hair and scalp. There are also effective treatments that can be followed to improve hair density and stimulate new hair growth.

If you want to get a quick amount of volume, the ideal product is a hair enhancer. REDKEN HAIR HAIR REDENSIFIER is a 100% natural and instantaneous solution to give density and volume to your hair and conceal alopecia. These keratin hair fibers allow each hair to gain thickness and density instantly and are totally undetectable.

On the other hand, if you want to perform an intensive and effective treatment and get a larger hair volume, you should opt for natural products that stimulate healthy growth, enlarge hair follicles and preserve maintained hair. RedENHAIR’s REGENERATive KIT is the ideal solution: it contains a regenerating hair serum, HAIR REGENERATOR SERUM, dietary supplements that provide you with the right nutrients to increase hair density, HAIR NUTRITION SUPPLEMENT REDENHAIR – TABLETTES, a regenerating shampoo without sulfates, REGENERATIVE SHAMPOOing and a hair growth accelerator, thePRO-REGENERATIVE ACCELERATOR, to be applied after washing hair.

You can also get these products individually, depending on which one is right for you. In addition, they are compatible with the hair fibers of keratin, allowing you to wear larger hair during intensive treatment with REDENHAIR.

Don’t let more time pass and start acting against hair loss! You will get the volume your hair needs most naturally and comfortably.

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