How To Get The Barbell Curl Right

The Barbell Curl is one of the basic exercises for training your biceps. The exercise is almost identical to the Dumbbell Curl, only in this case you use a dumbbell rod instead of loose dumbbells. With well-executed Barbell Curls, you improve your arms’ strength and stimulate the build-up of muscle mass. In almost every bicep workout you will come across the Barbell Curl. In addition to training your muscles, this fitness exercise also helps to strengthen your forearm muscles. As you know, a perfect technique in strength training is important to achieve the maximum result. So how do you perform a perfect bicep curl with a rod? On, we will teach you the Barbell Curl performance and give you some technique tips!


Biceps anatomy

Biceps anatomy

The Latin name of the biceps is musculus biceps brachii. The biceps is a muscle with two heads. The short head, also called m. biceps brachii caput breve, sits on the arm’s inside (medial). The long head, them. Biceps brachii caput long sits on the outside (lateral) of the arm. Both heads have their origin to sit on the shoulder blade (scapula). The attachment of the muscle is attached to the spoke bone (radius).

The biceps is a polyarticular muscle. This means that the muscle lies over 2 joints, namely the shoulder joint and the elbow joint. This allows the muscle to bend the forearm(flexion), lift the arm forward(anteflexion) and turn the forearm outwards(supination).

Barbell Curl performance

Do you want to train your biceps in the best way? Then follow the explanation below for the Barbell Curls.

  1. Stand with your feet slightly apart (narrower than shoulder width)
  2. Grab the barbell privately (palms off you) with your shoulder width hands
  3. Tighten your abs, keep your back straight and make sure your arms are stretched
  4. Bring the rod up to shoulder height (curl) as you exhale.
  5. In this movement, your upper arms must stay in the same place and only your forearms ‘move.’
  6. Hold the dumbbell at the top for a moment and tighten your biceps equally well.
  7. Slowly and controlled lower the barbell back down to its starting position as you breathe in again.
  8. Repeat this move for the number of reps you want

Tip: You can run the Barbell Curl both standing and sitting.


Technique tips Barbell Curls

Technique tips Barbell Curls

To perfect the Barbell Curl technique, we would like to give you only tips.

  • Choose the right weight to train with. It is important to take power out of your arms and not use your back in movement. Do you notice that you tend to lean or ‘swing’ with your back? Then it is wise to lower the weight on the dumbbell slightly. Focus on a good execution rather than on training as heavily as possible.
  • Placing your elbows in your side can help keep your upper arms in place. This allows you to perform the curl movement in the right way.
  • An important part of the right Barbell Curl version is that you keep tension on your biceps all the time. So the dumbbell is not supposed to hit your body. Especially with the downward movement, you often see people let the rod come against their thighs. At that moment, however, you remove the tension from your muscles, which is not optimal.
  • Do your wrists bother you when you do Barbell Curls with a straight rod? Then you can try an EZ curlstang to relieve the pressure on your wrists.


Barbell Curl video explanation

The video below shows the good Barbell Curl version.


Training biceps at home

Don’t you exercise at a gym, but would you like to do Barbell Curls to train your arms? That’s possible! All you need is a curlstang and several discs to increase the weight. At the webshops below you can easily buy your own fitness materials.

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