How to Do the Ab Rollout

Are you looking for a spicy and good fitness exercise for training your abs? Ab Rollouts are perfect for getting that six-pack just a little tighter and stronger. However, the Ab Wheel Rollout is not a simple exercise and requires good technique. You can do this abdominal muscle exercise with a special Ab Wheel, but you can also do Barbell Rollouts (with as the name implies; a barbell). Good execution is critical when using the Ab Wheel, but unfortunately, this exercise is often done wrong.

The Ab Rollout version

With a good Ab Rollout version, the movement comes from the spine. That way you train that muscle that you actually want to train, the musculus rectus abdominis (straight abdominal muscle). Often we see people doing their Ab Rollouts by taking power out of their shoulders and arms. When you do this, you do not stimulate the abdominal muscles in the right way. The load remains static, much like an Abdominal Plank.

The trick is to start with a bolted upper back. Then you move your upper body as a whole forward, stretching as far as possible. Then return to the starting position by addressing the lumbar spine (not your hips).

  1. Get on your knees on a fitness mat.
  2. Place the Ab Wheel or barbell on the ground and tighten your abs.
  3. Move your upper body forward and stretch as far as possible.
  4. Please note that you can keep a straight back in the stretched phase (if you can do this, it is a sign that you need to stretch less far)
  5. Hold the position for a moment before resurfacing.
  6. Raise your upper body by using your abs
  7. Repeat this move for the desired number of reps

Ab Wheel technique tips

Do you want to get the most out of your abdominal muscle training and perfect the Ab Rollout version? Then use these technique tips.

  • Try to keep your hips and buttocks as high as possible while performing the Ab Rollouts.
  • Ensure a strong lower back by doing exercises like Lower Back Extensions and Goodmorning. When you find that you have difficulty keeping your back straight in the stretching phase, this is a sign that your lower back muscles are too weak.
  • Make sure you don’t overstretch and therefore suffer from your shoulders. Listen carefully to your body and do not go beyond your flexibility/agility.

Variations such as the Barbell Rollout

The basic shape of the Ab or Barbell Rollout means you start on your knees. Have you mastered this exercise well, and can you handle something heavier? Try to keep your feet off the ground during the Ab Rollout version. This way, you can’t get strength from your hamstrings, and you need to get even more strength out of your abs.

Is this easy for you? Another variation on the rollouts is by starting him standing, rather than on the knees. Of course, make sure that the technology stays good at all times. Otherwise, you increase the risk of injury.

Ab Rollouts video

In the video below, you can see the correct Ab Rollout version.

Sixpack method

Getting a six-pack involves more than just training your abs. Of course, it’s good to make your abs stronger with exercises like the Ab Rollout, Crunch, Hanging Leg Raises and Oblique Crunch. But if your fat percentage is too high, you will never get a visible washboard.

We have taught you the good Ab Rollout version in this article, but good nutrition is also essential. In this article with six-pack tips, we give you useful tips to get the desired six-pack faster!

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