How To Do Ab Crunch Exercise On Machine

There are many different fitness exercises that you can do for training your abs from challenging exercises to simple basic exercises. The Ab Crunch belongs to that last group. You mainly train your straight abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis) with this. By performing the crunch on a machine, you can use a lot of resistance. However, it is also ideal for people with weak abdominal muscles to train them in a controlled manner.

The abdominal muscles train

abdominal muscles train

As mentioned, the Ab Crunch Machine mainly trains you with the straight abdominal muscle. This muscle pulls the sternum towards the pelvis, by bulbing the back. The transverse abdominal muscles help. They pull the abdominal wall backwards and stabilize the core in this way.

The abdominal muscles can be divided into different muscles. Namely the;

  • Musculus rectus abdominis (straight abdominal muscles)
  • Musculus transversus abdominis (transerous abdominal muscles)
  • Obliquus internus abdominis (inner oblique abdominal muscles)
  • Obliquus externus abdominis (outer oblique abdominal muscles)

To get the ‘washboard’, you must train all these muscle groups. But that is not the only thing, of course. As you can read in my six-pack tips, it is also necessary to reduce your fat percentage.

Machine Crunch version

Machine Crunch version

The Ab Crunch Machine can look different depending on brand and type of device. For example, some Crunch devices have a cushion that you place the chest against. Other models have handles and contact points for your upper arms. The version of the Machine Crunch is the same.

  1. Set the seat of the device so that the hinge point is just below your chest.
  2. Place your upper arms on the pillows and grab the handles. Then place your feet under the roller cushion.
  3. Breathe in and tighten your abs. Bring your chest towards your legs.
  4. Slowly lower your body to its starting position as you exhale.

Ab Crunch Machine technique tips

Use the tips below to perfect your technique in this exercise and achieve the maximum result.

  • Are normal crunches too easy for you? Then you can use the Ab Crunch Machine a heavyweight to create more resistance. Ideal when you are exercising on strength and improving your muscle endurance is not the goal.
  • In this exercise, make sure that you only take the strength out of your abdominal muscles. Do not put force with your arms but let them only rest on the cushions.
  • Do you notice that you often get strength from your thighs and pelvis when performing abdominal exercises? Then you can use the Machine Ab Crunch to focus on purely the abdominal muscles. The execution on the device makes it more difficult to bend from your hips. As a result, you are less likely to get much ‘help’ from your thigh muscles and pelvis.
  • Because you use a fitness device with a fixed movement, the oblique abdominal muscles are less addressed. So don’t forget to train it separately, with the Oblique Crunch, for example.

Machine Ab Crunch video explanation

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