Best Gynecologist in India | Top 10 Women Specialist in India

What is gynaecology?

Gynecology is the medical field that studies and treats various diseases of the genital tract of the woman and the hormonal disorders women’s: rules, menopause, contraception, diseases of the breast, uterus, ovaries, fallopian. The gynecology also includes the obstetrics, the specialty of the obstetrician-gynecologist is dedicated to the monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth.

When to see a gynecologist?

The consultation of a gynaecologist does not require a first visit with the doctor. The first visit usually occurs in adolescence and/or for the establishment of a contraceptive. It is then recommended to proceed to regular monitoring, once a year, and do not hesitate to consult when an abnormal situation: breast lump, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, menstrual irregularity, painful menstruation, or too abundant. During a pregnancy, fertility problems or menopausal, the gynecologist also remains the privileged interlocutor of the woman.

How to choose your gynaecologist?

The trust relationship between the gynecologist and his patient is essential. The clinics and private hospitals Elsan feature of the department of gynaecology-obstetrics-performing and practitioners to listen.

What followed directed the materinté?

A regular follow-up gynecological constitutes a guarantee of good health for the woman. It may possibly also be insured by a general practitioner, and, since 2009, by a midwife. The gynecologist takes care of the contraception, screening for cancer of the cervix by the cervicovaginal smear exam done every three years, and that of breast cancer by mammography, with the assistance of a radiologist. It also prescribes gynecological examinations, including ultrasound exams of control.

How to choose your maternity?

Motherhood is a service related to gynecology. To choose the motherhood is the most suitable to his needs and desires, it is better to inform even before the pregnancy.

List of Top 25 Best Gynecologist in India 2021

  1. Dr Aditi Singhi (Gynecologist)
  2. Dr Loveleena Nadir (Gynecologist)
  3. Dr Anuradha Panda (Gynecologist)
  4. Dr Anjila Aneja (Gynecologist)
  5. Dr Babitha Maturi (Gynecologist)
  6. Dr Kaberi Banerjee (Gynecologist)
  7. Dr Bana Rupa (Gynecologist)
  8. Dr Bandana J (Gynecologist)
  9. Dr Sabhyata Gupta (Gynecologist)
  10. Dr Bindu Sinha (Gynecologist)
  11. Dr D S Nagarathna (Gynecologist)
  12. Dr Firuza Parikh (Gynecologist)
  13. Dr Sujata Dutta (Gynecologist)
  14. Dr Sankar Dasmahapatra (Gynecologist)
  15. Dr Fahmida Banu L (Gynecologist)
  16. Dr Illa Tyagi (Gynecologist)
  17. Dr Alka Kriplani (Gynecologist)
  18. Dr Sudhir Chopde (Gynecologist)
  19. Dr Jaishree Gajaraj (Gynecologist)
  20. Dr Jasmin Rath (Gynecologist)
  21. Dr Jayasree Reddy V (Gynecologist)
  22. Dr Jyoti Rajesh (Gynecologist)
  23. Dr K Sandhya (Gynecologist)
  24. Dr Veena Bhat (Gynecologist)
  25. Dr Laila Dave (Gynecologist)