Best Gastroenterologist in India | Top 10 GIT Specialist in India

What is Gastroenterology?

The gastroenterology is the medical specialty that focuses on the organs of digestion, their functions, their diseases and means of cure. The organs that constitute the digestive system are :

  1. the digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, intestines, the colon and the rectum)
  2. the liver
  3. the pancreas

What is a Gastroenterologist?

It detects, diagnoses and treats diseases of the digestive system as diverse as :

  1. inflammatory diseases of the bowel (colitis bleeding, Crohn’s Disease)
  2. diseases of the liver and biliary tract (stones, tumours)
  3. hepatitis
  4. the gastrointestinal bleeding
  5. diseases of the pancreas
  6. digestive cancers

When to consult a specialist in Gastroenterology?

The consultation of a hepato-gastroenterologist takes place at the request of the attending physician or another specialist. This reorientation allows you to perform and/or interpret tests to establish a diagnosis, develop a treatment, carry out a technical gesture particular.

How to choose a Gastroenterologist?

The gastroenterology techniques, including imagery, special. The choice of this expert will, therefore, be made in consultation with the treating physician who knows the facilities best equipped and the practitioners with whom we work trust and confidence.

List of Best Gastroenterologist in India 2021

  1. Dr. Vivek Raj (Medical Gastroenterologist)
  2. Dr. Debasish Banerjee (Medical Gastroenterologist)
  3. Dr. Anurag Tandon (Surgical Gastroenterologist)
  4. Dr. Abhijit Thakur (Medical Gastroenterologist)
  5. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Reddy (Surgical Gastroenterologist)
  6. Dr. Anil Arora (Surgical Gastroenterologist)
  7. Dr. Pankaj Dhawan (Medical Gastroenterologist)
  8. Dr. Nilesh Doctor (Surgical Gastroenterologist)
  9. Dr. Aabha Nagral (Medical Gastroenterologist)
  10. Dr. Sanjay Nagral (Medical Gastroenterologist)
  11. Dr. Mahesh Goenka (Medical Gastroenterologist)