Best Dermatologist in India | Top 10 Skin Specialist in India

What is dermatology?

Dermatology is the medical specialty that focuses on the study of the skin, hair, and nails, as well as prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect them. Very diverse, these diseases affect all ages of life.

Dermatology is also interested in the appearance of the skin and its improvement (wrinkle removal, hair removal.). We speak of aesthetic dermatology and cosmetics. In this sector, clinical Elsan also offers quality care.

When to consult a dermatologist?

As soon as the skin takes on an unusual aspect – appearance of a lump, rash or itching, increase the size of a grain of beauty, hair loss. – it is advised to consult his / her treating physician that, if he considers it useful, you will refocus to a doctor dermatologist.

In the case of a history of skin diseases, personal or family, or exposure to risk factors (significant exposure to the sun, to chemicals, to a wet environment.), it may be useful to be followed regularly by a dermatologist. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, warts, herpes, zoster, cyst skin, hyperpigmentation, melanoma: pathologies of the skin, from the most benign to the most serious, are supported in the services of dermatology of the clinical Elsan.

What does the dermatologist?

The dermatologist examines the patient on the nature of the problem, its medical and family history and their lifestyle. He proceeded to the physical examination of the area affected by the problem (lesion, mole, etc.) but also other areas where it may be present without being visible. It can realize dermoscopy, examination painless, to view the skin in-depth, or a biopsy of the skin to indicate the nature of the problem.

How is the dermatological treat?

In addition to the drugs administered locally or orally, the dermatologist offers various treatment techniques such as :

  • The elimination of lesions (warts, moles) or defects to the skin by peeling, liquid nitrogen, surgical excision, laser.
  • Phototherapy psoriasis,
  • Local injections of fillers or botulinum toxin (Botox) for wrinkles.
  • Phototherapy psoriasis

List of the 15 Best Dermatologist in India 2021

  1. Dr S.R. Shukla (Dermatologist)
  2. Dr Aishwarya Malladi (Dermatologist)
  3. Dr R. S. Mishra (Dermatologist)
  4. Dr Anju Mangla (Dermatologist)
  5. Dr Manu Saksena (Dermatologist)
  6. Dr Col Rajagopal A (Dermatologist)
  7. Dr Ajay Mujja (Dermatologist)
  8. Dr Monika Rajpal (Dermatologist)
  9. Dr Naresh Bhargava (Dermatologist)
  10. Dr Alekya Singapore (Dermatologist)
  11. Dr Vijay Tannu (Dermatologist)
  12. Dr A S Kumar (Dermatologist)
  13. Dr Manish V Gautam (Dermatologist)
  14. Dr Anshul Warman (Dermatologist)
  15. Dr Pooja Solanki (Dermatologist)