Best Dentist in India| Top 10 Indian Dentist

What is dental surgery?

The dental surgery or dentistry is the medical specialty that studies and treats conditions of the teeth and jaw. It includes several disciplines, including implantology – placement of dentures and implants – the orthodontics – correction of the alignment of the teeth – and dentistry intervening specifically on patients whose care is delicate for medical reasons or techniques.

What is a dentist?

The doctor of surgery dental is a general practitioner in dentistry :

  • He does care (treatment of caries, canals dental)
  • It makes extractions and dental implants
  • It aids
  • He performs aesthetic treatments (bleaching, cleaning, stains.)
  • It may focus on practice: endodontic system (pulp) periodontal (tissue supporting the teeth), or pedodontics (children).

When to see a dentist?

The dental care is available without a prescription from a doctor. It is advisable to make an appointment with a dentist one to two times per year, at a young age, to prevent and maintain (scaling) dental health. The consultation with a dentist is necessary and requires a regular follow-up in case of bad breath, bleeding when brushing or chewing, sensitivity or pain (teeth, gums), loss of a tooth, an overlap which hinders proper hygiene, etc.

List of Best Dentist in India 2021

  1. Dr Gagan Sabharwal (Dentist)
  2. Dr Arun Setia (Dentist)
  3. Dr Anish Batra (Dentist)
  4. Dr Ritika Malhotra (Dentist)
  5. Dr Khosla (Dentist)
  6. Dr Aman Popli (Dentist)
  7. Dr GROVER (Dentist)
  8. Dr Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna (Dentist)
  9. Dr Poonam (Dentist)
  10. Dr Sarika Chaudhry (Dentist)