Best Cardiologist in India | Top 13 Heart Specialist in India

What is cardiology?

Cardiology focuses on the cardiovascular system, that is to say, the heart and vessels (arteries and veins), the prevention and treatment of anomalies and diseases that affect it: high blood pressure, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, angina, atherosclerosis. The cardiologist may be required to intervene in an emergency in particular in case of myocardial infarction.

When to consult a cardiologist?

Except in the case of emergency, it is up to the physician to direct his patient to a cardiologist if deemed necessary. In cardiology, the prevention is very important, especially for people at risk: diabetics, patients who are overweight, hypertensive, hypercholesterolemic, smokers, etc., today, the cardiovascular diseases remain the first cause of death in France among women before the tumours.

What does the cardiologist?

The cardiologist asks the patient about his lifestyle and his medical and family history. He proceeds to auscultation of the lung and heart, measure the blood pressure: the more risk factors, the greater the scrutiny. To view the heart rhythm and detect a possible fault, it can perform an electrocardiogram. An exercise test may also be practised. If necessary, it recommends additional examinations: ultrasound cardiac and/or vascular, angiography, scintigraphy, or MRI.

How is the treatment cardiac?

The support of cardiovascular problems generally requires, in the first place, by an improvement of the hygiene of life (diet, physical activity, stress reduction). Medical care can be, in turn, drug-drug or surgical.

In full swing, the interventional cardiology is a special form of surgery. Performed in an emergency or not, the interventional cardiology allows you to treat certain conditions (diseases coronary and valvular, defects. By endovascular means, that is to say, passing of surgical instruments that are miniaturized to the interior of an artery or a vein. In the event of a support emergency, the patient may be admitted to the intensive care unit cardiac.

Rhythmology is also an on a speciality in cardiology, which supports the heart rhythm disorders by several techniques :

  • Implementation of pacemakers helps heart, the first to avoid a slowing down excessive of the heart, and the second rhythm disorders, fast, putting the patient’s life in danger.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation of rhythm disorders rapid is to explore the electrical activity of the heart through the catheters to locate the tissue of the heart responsible for rhythm disturbances. It then issues a radiofrequency electric current on the tissue in order to restore the normal rhythm of the heart.

List of the Best Cardiologist in India 2021

  1. Dr Naresh Trehan
  2. Dr Hemant Madan
  3. Dr A K Bardhan
  4. Dr Subhash Chandra
  5. Dr A Suresh
  6. Dr Robert Mao
  7. Dr S.K Sinha
  8. Dr Abraham Oomman
  9. Dr Murtaza A. Chishti
  10. Dr Aftab Khan
  11. Dr Ajay Kaul
  12. Dr Ashok Seth
  13. Dr Jaisom Chopra