Cable Tricep Pushdown Explanation & Technique

Do you want bigger and stronger arms? Then don’t forget to train your triceps. Many athletes are focused on their biceps, but the tricep provides more volume in your upper arm. There are several exercises for training your triceps, including the Cable Tricep Pushdown. This is an isolation exercise, which means that you train your triceps purely and no other (secondary) muscle groups. Ideal to give a little extra attention to your triceps after a heavy workout. For the Triceps Pushdown, you need a pulley and cable/rope. In almost every gym this fitness exercise can be done. Do you want to learn the Cable Tricep Pushdown version?

Train the triceps

To grab more mass on your arms it is important to train your triceps. Your muscles are only a smaller part of your upper arm. For a good tricep workout, many different exercises are available. In previous blogs I have already explained the Close Grip Bench Press, Lying Tricep Extension, Tricep Dips, Seated Tricep Extension and Triceps Kickback technique. The Musclus Triceps Brachii has three heads and is located at the back of your upper arm. The main functions are the stretching of the forearm and adduction of the upper arm. The triceps brachii consists of the following 3 parts:

  • Caput Longum (long head) = has the main functions of stretching the arm and lifting the arm backwards.
  • Caput Mediale (medial head) = has the main functions of stretching the arm and turning the hand inwards.
  • Caput Laterale (lateral head) = has the main functions of stretching the arm and turning the hand inwards.

Cable Tricep Pushdown version

Do you want to learn the Cable Tricep Pushdown version? Follow the steps below to perform this triceps exercise in the right way.

  1. Set the pulley to the highest position and attach the rope or rod to the pulley.
  2. Grab the rope with an overhand grip, so with your palms facing down.
  3. Keep your back straight and lean forward slightly.
  4. Keep your upper arms and elbows in your side and make sure your forearms are parallel to the floor.
  5. Then tighten your abs and glutes.
  6. Push the rope down until both your arms are outstretched.
  7. Hold the weight for a moment and then slowly raise your arms back up to the starting position.
  8. Repeat this movement for the desired number of reps.

Triceps Pushdown technique tips

For the best results with the Cable Tricep Pushdown, it’s important to pay close attention to your technique. Use these tips to perfect your execution and train your triceps in the right way.

  • Keep your upper body still and take the power out of your triceps. This way you prevent you from cheating and getting the power out of your back. Only your elbows and forearms move during this exercise.
  • To keep your back straight, it helps to look out for you instead of down.
  • Choose a lower weight where you can focus on the execution. Stretch your triceps and make sure your elbows stay in your side.
  • With the Triceps Pushdown, you can vary in the grip you use. For example, you can use a rope but also opt for a straight rod or V-grip. And straight rod can be a little onerous for your wrists. In that case, choose the V-grip or a rope.

Tricep Cable Pushdown video

The video below shows you the good Cable Tricep Pushdown version.

Which fitness exercises do you prefer to do for training your triceps? Let me know in a comment!

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