5 Best Pocket Spring Mattress in India (2021)

You’re looking for a good spring mattress but don’t know which one to choose? Today, technologies have improved, and the comfort of these beds has improved markedly. The best spring mattresses today are those with bagy springs. Each spring is packed in an individual bag and is independent of its neighbour. Below, we made a comparison.

There are many types of spring mattresses: bi-conical, multi-spires, multi-active, baked, and something for everyone. That said, the one that brings the best comfort is the one with stained springs. Often, so-called “hybrid” mattresses contain a layer of bagy springs to provide the ultimate comfort level – right in front of memory foam mattresses.


What’s Are Spring Mattress?

In recent years, the sale of mattresses on the web has exploded. The concept proposed by companies such as Hypnia, Emma or Simba is a hit. They offer to buy a bed online and then test it for 100 to 200 nights at home, without commitment. Customers can try the product under real conditions to get an opinion. If he doesn’t convince, the brands come to get him.

Among the best mattresses sold on the internet, there are generally two types. On the one hand, we have memory foam mattresses that are very popular and comfortable. This foam is very fashionable at the moment, and it allows to coat the sleeper well without having the feeling of sinking. At the same time, there is a second mattress category guarantee: hybrid models.

In this category, there are many bagy spring mattresses. Today, beds that combine foam with springs are considered much more premium than a simple memory-shaped mattress. As a result, they are also more expensive. That said, some brands offer good value for money.

Below, we will present a comparison with the best spring mattresses available in France. The first of the list is none other than that of a French company: Hypnia. Emma, Simba and Eve are German and British respectively – but they have strong roots in France. These 4 brands are considered excellent players. All offer a trial period (100 days or more) to convince themselves of the product.


Best Pocket Spring Mattress in India

Boston Classic Pocket Spring Pillow Top Mattress for Bed

Boston Classic Pocket Spring Pillow Top Mattress for Bed

To start this comparison of bagy spring mattresses, there is First of all Hypnia. The French brand has managed to make its mark in a booming market. Despite the foreign competition, it is positioned in force with two ranges of mattresses—the shape memory beds on one side and the other’s hybrid mattresses. Among them, a model differs with stained springs: the Supreme Welfare.

As the name suggests, the Supreme Wellness model provides the ultimate comfort for the sleeper. It is a mattress that combines several technologies, including bagy springs, which offer a very high-quality experience. By layering several layers, they manage to create a coherent whole that combines comfort and well-being and relieves body pain.

From a value-for-money perspective, the Hypnia mattress is probably the best bagy spring mattress on the market. You will discover it below with its composition; it is sophisticated, bringing real comfort to the sleeper. It helps her fall asleep faster, and he also manages to lengthen the phases of deep sleep.

Composition of Supreme Welfare:

  • A protective cover: This cover is made of bamboo fibres that will naturally remove moisture from the market. It thus manages to avoid mites, which feed on moisture in a bed. This cover is also breathable, which allows the mattress and foam to be evenly ventilated in the lower layers. In this way, no feeling of heat, no perspiration.
  • A memory foam: Hypnia is a champion of form memory, and he uses this premium component for his Supreme Well-being. This thin layer provides comfortable and soft support to the sleeper without having a feeling of sinking. It will relieve pressure points and relax the joints.
  • A layer of natural latex: this layer amplifies the effects of form memory. It will also ensure a longer lifespan for the mattress.
  • A honeycomb foam: this layer will, above all, ensure good maintenance of the spine (and posture), regardless of your sleeping position. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, this layer of foam will wrap your body to avoid any tension or morning pain.
  • A support foam: As in all mattresses, a support foam can counterweight memory foams. It will ensure a well-balanced mattress that is not too soft for the sleeper.
  • A layer of springs: these are bagy springs that complete the mattress. Hypnia has not skimped on the waist since they are 20 cm tall. With this layer, the spring mattress becomes much more comfortable – without feeling the discomfort of springs. It’s better to comfort the sleeper and true independence of sleeping if you sleep together.

Clearly, The Hypnia Wellness Supreme bed is a perfect choice for looking for a bagy spring mattress. The latter is equipped with the latest technology and a 5-layer overlay to ensure optimal comfort. From a value for money point of view, you can hardly do better. Indeed, beyond the quality we described above, we must also look at the price.

And from a pricing point of view, Hypnia is ultra-competitive. The French company is a real step below the competition on the best baby spring mattresses. Excluding discounts and depending on the size you choose, the Supreme Wellness mattress will cost you between 469 and 799. For a hybrid model with so much quality, it’s an excellent investment. On promotion periods, savings can range from 15 to 25% on this bed.

Compared to the other spring mattresses that we will present lower, Hypnia is still about 20 to 30% cheaper. While some brands are more technically advanced than the French Supreme Wellness mattress, the price is also higher. It’s up to you to determine what quality is best for you and the associated budget.

You can see all the benefits of the brand directly in our review of Hypnia. That said, it offers a period of 120 test nights (i.e. 4 full months), 15 years warranty on the bagy spring mattress and free delivery. If you don’t like the product, she will pick it up and offer you a full refund.


Urban Ladder Dreamlite 8-inch King Size Bonnel Spring Mattress with Eurotop

Urban Ladder Dreamlite 8-inch King Size Bonnel Spring Mattress with Eurotop

If it is number 1 in our hybrid mattress comparison, the Simba Hybrid mattress is positioned in second place here. What for? Because the brand has really capitalized on a complete mattress – but with a skinny layer of springs (2.5 cm). That said, it’s still a very high-end product since the stained springs are made of titanium, and they are ultra-light.

For five years, Simba capitalized on the Hybrid model to build its success. In October 2020, it finally announced a second mattress – even more premium – that would complement its original model. The latter, called Hybrid Pro, is really very high-end and reserved for a very affluent clientele.

From a value for money point of view, the historic Hybrid mattress is much better. This spring mattress also saw a small drop in price when its big brother came out. This has given it an extra boost, and sales are expected to continue their intense pace. Simba is an English brand that has developed real expertise in bedding. It is the one that has filed the most patents, and its technologies are highly recognized.

Composition of the Simba Hybrid:

  • A knitted cover: Simba has not neglected any layer of his product, especially not his mattress cover. This one is knitted and ensures a very soft and mellow welcome. Even if you have a mattress pad and a sheet on top, you will still feel the comfort of this part on your joints.
  • A foam with graphite: graphite is a component that will naturally lower the body temperature. What for? To promote first falling asleep, then promote deep sleep phases. This layer is in open-cell shape memory, so it is fresher than conventional memory.
  • A layer of bagged springs: This bagged spring mattress comprises small 25 mm titanium springs. Simba has optimized the technology so that they don’t take up space but provide ultimate comfort. From a technical point of view, it is one of the most successful products. The support is excellent, the independence of the beds is guaranteed.
  • A high-resilience foam and a support base: this part of the mattress provides good support for the product. The sensation will therefore be a balanced mattress, neither too hard nor too soft. This cold foam will also relieve the pressure areas and ensure a good hold of the spine.

The Simba Hybrid mattress is an excellent spring mattress and deserves its place in our comparison. From a value for money point of view, this model takes over the Hybrid Pro version. It’s still much more expensive than the Hypnia Wellness Supreme, but the brand has added more technology. That said, it still saw its price drop with the arrival of the Simba Hybrid Pro.

To get to the rate now, it takes between 700 and 1300 euros for this spring mattress. It’s still a budget, especially when you know that the brand makes relatively few discounts. If you have the opportunity to win a discount between 20 and 25%, you should quickly jump on the promotion. This allows the small model to pass about 500, which is correct for this calibre product.

Before you finish this part on Simba, you also need to know the benefits of this purchase. You will have no less than 200 nights at home to test the product at home: this is the longest period you can observe on the market. The product is also guaranteed for 10 years, and you have free delivery. In case of a return, the withdrawal is at the expense of the brand, so you will not have paid anything.


SleepX Presented by Sleepwell Exceller Memory Foam Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress – with Free Pillows

SleepX Presented by Sleepwell Exceller Memory Foam Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress – with Free Pillows

Emma is probably the market leader in online mattresses in Europe. The German brand has long focused on its memory foam mattresses. At the end of 2019, she finally released her first hybrid bed consisting of bagy springs. The success was the appointment since it was “Elected Product of the Year” in 2020.

Named Emma Diamant Noir, this premium bed comes with a layering of multiple and premium layers. If the Original model remains the brand’s blockbuster without any possible challenge, the Black Diamond mattress is a success in another niche. If you want a perfect bagy spring mattress, you will have to go to Emma’s for this product.

From a value-for-money point of view, this bagy spring mattress is average. Unlike her other beds, Emma makes very few promotions on this most premium model. It is the most expensive of the range because it incorporates all the most advanced technologies. If you have the budget to get the ultimate luxury, this is a good choice.

Composition of the Black Diamond:

  • A thermo-regulatory cover: at Emma, the cover that surrounds the mattress is not only very successful from an aesthetic point of view, but it also has a real benefit: it ensures good ventilation of the mattress. Because this bed incorporates foam, it could have been a bit hot for some. Fortunately, this cover is the first step to refreshing the product.
  • Graphite foam: this layer is really the one that ensures a fresh mattress at any time of the year. Graphite also has a natural ability to lower body temperature. What’s the point? Bring the sleeper to sleep faster and provide longer deep sleep phases in short, restful and effective sleep to get up on the right foot.
  • An adaptive comfort foam: this foam can best manage the pressure of the body on the mattress. It is with this foam that you will feel comfortable, regardless of your posture. It also provides real comfort at all times on the mattress.
  • A layer of bagy springs: inevitably, since the Diamant Noir mattress is among the best spring mattresses on the market. With this layer of springs, the mattress ensures a dynamic adaptation to the body movements for a feeling of comfort even amplified.
  • A cold foam: this foam is the lower part of the mattress. High density, the latter provides good support to the entire sleeping area.

The Diamant Noir mattress deserves its place in our comparison of the best spring mattresses on the French market. Emma managed to prove on all the products that she was excellent. If the best value for money at home remains the Original model(composed of memory foam form), the Black Diamond is a luxury product.

This mattress, which is composed of springs but also various forms, is complete. Inevitably, the price is also higher than a regular bed. It costs between 649 and 1,399 for this product. Again, Emma makes very few discounts on the latter because her margin is lower. It is a product aimed at a fairly well-off clientele that does not necessarily look at the budget.

If you have had time to read our review of Emma, you already know the brand’s many benefits. One example is the 100-day trial period for all of its clients. It also provides free delivery and returns and offers a 10-year warranty on its product. It also offers a range of quality sleep products (pillows, duvets) at a reasonable price.


Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnel Spring Mattress for Bed

Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnel Spring Mattress for Bed

If you have full confidence in consumer associations, the Eve Hybrid Premium bag mattress should please you. It was the UFC Que Choose him who awarded the title of best mattress in 2021. In France, this distinction is the most difficult because the association is really very demanding on the product.

The first thing to know is that the Eve Hybrid Premium mattress is only available in two-seater format. Therefore, the starting price is also higher than those of our comparator’s other spring mattresses above. That said, from a value for money point of view, you won’t be disappointed. Ufc Que Choisir has rewarded this criterion, and it is never wrong.

The Eve Hybrid Premium mattress stands out from its recognizable yellow borders. But in addition to the aesthetics that are perfectly successful in this brand, there is also an extra quality of the product. The English company has managed to create a complete range of very balanced and impeccable comfort products. The Eve Hybrid Premium is the highest-end of all, including a layer of bagy springs.

Composition of the Eve Hybrid Premium:

  • A protective cover: Eve does not do in half measure on any part of her mattress. The first cover (only the top) is made of silver wire, and it is padded. The brand is pleased to have an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial product. With this composition, it can also dissipate the heat of the spring mattress as much as possible.
  • An Evefloat foam: the first layer is unique to Eve, and it really relieves pressure points. It also provides good support and a real comfort to the mattress that becomes … sweet. Note also that it ensures the first part of the counter-pressure to the memory foam form just below.
  • Memory foam of form: in this memory foam form, Eve directly added graphite. As explained above, graphite helps refresh the mattress and lower the body heat. This aims to facilitate sleep and lengthen recovery cycles in a deep sleep.
  • A supportive layer: this layer provides the sleeper’s good posture. At any moment, his spine is aligned.
  • A layer of bagy springs: this is the lowest part of the Eve Hybrid Premium spring mattress. This layer is composed of 1,364 stained springs with a height of 12 cm each. This ensures exceptional support and instant adaptation to body movements. The body will never be bothered by these springs; they are not noticeable. This layer is encapsulated in foam.

The Eve Hybrid Premium is also among the elite of the best spring mattresses. He impresses at every level and deserves his award from UFC’s Que Choose. The product is complete archi, and it is therefore also quite expensive. It takes a budget of almost 1,000 euros for all models (both of which are seats).

If the value for money is perhaps a little less convincing than on other spring mattresses, it remains an excellent product. There is no doubt that Eve is a great brand of bedding that deserves its European place. It also reassures all its customers with a 100-night trial period, 10 years warranty and free shipping. Returns are also free.

Beyond its Eve Hybrid Premium mattress, the brand also has two other bagy spring mattresses. Called Hybrid Classic and Hybrid Light, these are two less complete (and cheaper) alternatives to the model described above. The Hybrid Classic model probably has the best value for money and is largely affordable. The Hybrid Light version is much more basic, and there will be no memory foam form in the latter.



In our above comparator, beds almost all deserve the title of best spring mattress on the market. Each has excellent quality and a price that varies slightly. By taking the most popular of all, it is the Hypnia Wellness Supreme who wins the match. Its value for money is the most convincing in our opinion. It is also the cheapest of all those presented above.

That said, it must be recognized that the Hypnia spring mattress is perhaps a little less complete than the others. Simba, Emma and Eve have products that are more technically advanced. This is also why they are more expensive. So you have to find the balance according to your budget between quality and price. In any case, you have a trial period between 100 and 200 days to convince you of each product. If they are not suitable for you, you can always return them and get a refund.

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