10 Best Organic Shampoo In India 2021

Maintaining the scalp helps to intensify the hair and stimulate growth when choosing the best organic shampoo. Indeed, each hair has its own requirements.

Some types of hair, more fragile than others, are very delicate to treat. Natural shampoo for normal hair may interfere with dry hair.

Inappropriate shampoo choices can also irritate the scalp or lead to progressive hair loss. You can avoid this by opting for the best choice of organic hair products.

Through this guide, discover our selection of the 7 best natural shampoos to maintain healthy, supple, and toned hair.

A natural shampoo helps to cleanse the hair and scalp in addition to your organic cosmetic hair care. Its choice must therefore be the subject of great attention to detail. The moisturizing ability of shampoo strengthens the hair, and the choice of an organic aloe vera shampoo makes it ideal for responding.

There’s nothing better than a neutral pH shampoo to protect and tone your hair. Natural shampoo with organic argan oil gives shine to dry hair.

The purchase of an organic chamomile shampoo is preferred to soothe scalp irritations. Natural shampoo with lavender oil thickens fine hair.


Which organic shampoo is the best?

This is decided (as with all our leaderboards) by our users! All the reviews you’ll find in each organic shampoo are real testimonials, tests, and reviews from our community.

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Why should you use organic shampoo?

Shiny, soft hair after just one hair wash – that’s what the shampoo advertising promises. But it has a price: Conventional hair care products usually only fulfill this promise because manufacturers stir plenty of chemistry into their shampoos. But you should stay away from dubious ingredients – for the sake of your health and the environment.

There are good reasons to care for his hair naturally, organically, silicone-free, and without chemistry. Silicones, for example, lie around the hair like a film, preventing it from absorbing nourishing substances. The result: the hair becomes heavy, dries out and takes damage in the worst case. Silicone-free shampoos care better for hair in the long term because the natural active ingredients can also penetrate the hair.

Some experts also fear that problematic ingredients from conventional shampoos will enter the wastewater, which then accumulates in the environment. Silicones, for example, are known to be difficult to biodegrade and can accumulate in water bodies.

Chemicals from conventional shampoos – such as plasticizers, fragrances, or dyes – can also cause allergies, have a hormonal effect or even be carcinogenic. In 2019, for example, shampoos from L’Oréal, Pantene Pro-V, or Guhl had been negatively noticed in tests. Fortunately, the balance is better for children’s shampoos, as Eco-Test has shown.

However, this does not mean that every conventional shampoo is automatically questionable. But only that it is worth paying attention to the ingredients of cosmetics. A community app like Codecheck helps.


Natural shampoos also have natural ingredients.

Organic shampoos and natural cosmetic shampoos, on the other hand, do not require questionable chemical cocktails. Instead, they use the effect of natural ingredients and can prove this using natural cosmetics seals (such as Cosmos, BDIH, Nature, or Ecocert). If you pay attention to such seals when purchasing, you can be sure that your shampoo will be with certified natural cosmetics.


Where is the best place to buy organic shampoos?

Meanwhile, organic shampoos like those you’ll find in this list are found in organic stores, drugstores, and most supermarkets. Dm, Müller, and Rossmann even have their own natural cosmetic lines, which also offer shampoos. The purchase is worthwhile because they definitely protect the environment – and your health.

If you prefer to buy toiletries online, you will find the best online shops for natural cosmetics here.


Why organic shampoo without parabens?

The organic shampoos on this list do not require parabens. Parabens are often used as preservatives in conventional shampoos. However, they can be hormonal and are particularly dangerous for pregnant women, fetuses, toddlers, and adolescents during puberty.

Parabens enter the body through the skin and are associated with infertility, diabetes, breast, testicles, and prostate cancer. With the organic shampoos from this list, you can care for your hair without silicones – and parabens.


Natural cosmetic shampoos in test

In 2019, Eco-Test last tested over 40 shampoos without silicones. Certified natural cosmetic shampoos generally performed better than conventional products. At Stiftung Warentest, color protection shampoos were last used in 2019.

Note: If a natural cosmetic shampoo has been studied in recent years by Öko-Test or Stiftung Warentest, this is noted separately in describing the individual shampoos. Between 2015 and 2019, alter-class organic shampoos alone achieved the top grade “excellent” from Eco-Test three times.


Do not use shampoo altogether?

If you want to reduce garbage, you can also do without shampoo altogether. In our article No Poo: Washing hair without shampoo, you will find many hints on cleaning your hair with chestnuts, coffee, rye flour, healing earth, lava earth, and other natural substances.


Buying guide to the best organic shampoo

If we look at the overall development of natural hair products, organic shampoos have been formulated in the 1990s, which is relatively recent. Until then, natural shampoos were not even formulated effectively, and organic shampoos had not yet been discovered. With the expansion of technologies, increasingly advanced formulas have led to the discovery of natural and organic shampoo. When looking among the best organic shampoos, you have to be careful with the product’s originality on the market.

Many people use natural and organic shampoo in the same way and use them interchangeably. Natural shampoo is made from natural ingredients, while organic is a shampoo made from natural ingredients in which chemicals like pesticides are not used even when grown in the field or as plants. These are, deservedly, a better notch than natural shampoos as there is absolutely no chemical exposure for these.

Organic shampoos or commercial shampoos

Let’s look at the exact differences between organic shampoos and commercial shampoos to draw conclusions and decide which is better and why. This should be similar to the old debate about organic vs. synthetic with the perspective of a shampoo.


An important point of distinction between organic and commercial shampoos is the use of the chemical and the extent of the chemical present in shampoos. While some say that not all chemicals are harmful, pollutants in the air show a different picture.

  • Organic: There is no presence of chemicals at all. The use of chemicals is eliminated from the stage of production of the ingredients; this makes the organic shampoo chemical-free.
  • Commercial: Chemicals are used and participate in all stages of manufacture. The shampoo formula is based on the various chemicals and their mix. So it could be called chemically packaged shampoo.



The focus and effect of each of these shampoos on hardness is the exact opposite, depending on the type of shampoo. You have to be aware of what you’re exposing your hair to and what effect it can have.

  • Organic: These heal and work on hair naturally. The ingredients are soothing and are not at all the hair or scalp. This means it’s a good choice for dyed hair and a suitable substitute for gray hair shampoos.
  • Commercial: The shampoo is made from chemicals. It uses powerful chemicals that can work on the hair but at the same time be hard, which can lead to the hair dry out. Unless you have healthy hair, commercial shampoos can cause your hair to dry out.


Hair moisture

Shampoo is the most commonly used product in the hair and is used to cleanse and protect hair. However, the shampoo can also have a moisturizing quality if you choose the right shampoo.

  • Organic: Organic shampoos with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, which acts on hair naturally and leaves hair soft and hydrated. It does not cause any moisture loss; in fact, it provides moisture to the hair.
  • Commercial: With a mixture of so many chemicals, commercial shampoo, in the long run, removes moisture from the hair. Commercial shampoos also come with a mix of natural ingredients, but they can still negatively affect hair moisture.


Side effects

Shampoos are made from different components and formulas. Any of the ingredients can cause a side effect or an allergy. This can cause boils on the scalp or damaged hair.

  • Organic: All organic ingredients are used in the manufacture of shampoo, and components are your daily products like shea butter or natural oils. The chances of side effects are as good as zero unless you have a specific allergy, in which case you should stay away from that ingredient.
  • Commercial: The shampoo is composed of chemicals such as sulfate and gluten. Chemicals you may not know are also used, which increases your chances of side effects on your hair. Exposing your hair to chemicals, you don’t know the impact is risky and disastrous.



The impact on the environment is a significant effect for some people. Shampoo manufacturing and environmental impact process differ for each type of shampoo.

  • Organic: They contain purely natural ingredients, and the method of making them is also organic and does not affect the environment. These are ecological and do not have any impact on the global warming situation.
  • Commercial: These are made and manufactured in factories after the formula is derived. The impact on the environment is high in waste from industries and chemicals released into the process.



Most people use the shampoo twice a week, while some use it daily. It depends on the need and the type of hair. That decides hair exposure to shampoo.

Organic: exposure does not matter per set in the case of certified organic shampoo. It works naturally on the hair, so using it many times will not affect the hair’s health.

Commercial: exposure is directly related to the impact on hair health. With so many chemical components, increased exposure would mean hair more prone to damage. Washing hair with a commercial shampoo daily is not advisable, and even dermatologists prohibit it.


Hair type

The hair type is always crucial for the type of shampoo you choose. It should be considered before deciding the best organic shampoo for your hair. Here the hair type matters differently for both types of shampoo.

  • Organic: Organic shampoo is best for all hair types. It does not affect any hair adversely and can be used universally. The only difference would be the ingredients used that should be defined depending on the type of hair.
  • Commercial: A commercial shampoo is not for all hair types. Using a shampoo with chemical infusion on dry hair will only dry them and even damage the hair. Therefore, it cannot be used on all hair types. They work best on sturdy, straight hair.



Haircare has become increasingly popular and is gaining a lot of momentum lately. People love to pamper their hair using useful products and are increasingly aware of right and wrong, making them make all the right decisions.

  • Organic: An organic shampoo will make your hair very good and reliable naturally. Also, it will prepare your hair for any of the durable styling products you want to use. Organic shampoo is the best choice for hair care.
  • Commercial: A commercial shampoo has chemicals and is known to clean hair using various detergents. It means that your hair is exposed to chemicals and that if you use products to comb your hair, it means double exposure to chemicals, which may not be your best option.

Here are some of the indicators that identify the exact difference between an organic shampoo and a chemical shampoo. Also, it shows how much difference it will make to your hair by making this simple switch from commercial shampoo to the best organic shampoo. Choosing chemicals is never a good choice.


Things to look for in the best organic shampoos

Now that it has been emphasized that essential and effective organic shampoos are compared to the usual commercial shampoos, there are still some things to consider before moving forward and choosing a natural shampoo. With growing popularity, you will find many options available for organic shampoos on the market; consider the following points before choosing the only real product:


It is vital to check what ingredients the shampoo contains. First, all ingredients must be organic ingredients. Then, among the organic ingredients, you should choose the shampoo that has ingredients favorable to you, such as green tea that can be soothing and moisturizing, coconut oil that has moisturizing and antifungal properties, or shea butter that has deep moisturizing properties and can make hair feel very soft.


No chemicals

The golden rule of organic shampoos is that they should not contain any chemicals. So the first thing is to check the label if there are any chemicals included in the shampoo. The shampoo should be absolutely free of sulfates and gluten. Any amount of chemical presence overrides the purpose of organic shampoo. There should be no chemical traces as the ingredients are produced in a completely natural environment.



An organic shampoo should have the characteristics of moisturizing the hair. Natural ingredients can have healing and soothing qualities of hair, as well as antibacterial properties. You should make sure that a moisturizing ingredient is also part of the shampoo formula that makes it up. Hair hydration is essential and should not be overlooked or left out.


Hair growth

Certified organic shampoos are good for hair growth. They are inserted into the scalp and nourish the hair from the roots. It also feeds the scalp and helps hair growth. The organic shampoo has both growth and repair properties and can effectively help reduce hair loss and facilitate new hair growth. Many dermatologists advise it as a good choice for hair care.



Since organic shampoos are made from scratch and require a lot of effort from the beginning of natural ingredient production to shampoo manufacturing, because of all these efforts, it can cost on the heavier side of the pocket. Prices are relatively high, but profits are also worth the amount that has been allocated. So if you do a cost-benefit analysis, it’ll turn out to be a good deal.



Choosing a good brand is very important to select the best organic shampoo. You’ll find many products on the market that claim organic shampoos but are not completely organic. Many brands consider the shampoo to be organic even when they use fewer chemicals, which is incorrect. Choose a trusted brand and read product reviews before deciding on shampoo.



People with hair problems such as dry hair, damaged hair, or scalp should choose an organic shampoo because of its antifungal and healing properties. Green tea and tea tree oil are two of the efficient antifungal properties that can help reduce serious hair problems and help prevent them. It is good to check if the shampoo has these properties, especially for people with hair problems.



Most organic shampoos are universal. They are suitable for all hair types and can be worn daily if the need comes. Ensure organic shampoo is labeled as complete, and read reviews to see if any problems are using certain hair types. You should always be aware of the type of product you’re exposed to as well, even if it’s supposed to be organic.

Here are some of the points that should be considered before purchasing the best organic shampoo. These will help make your switch to new seamless shampoo and hair washing a fantastic experience for you. Always choose any hair product with caution and awareness to protect your hair from any additional damage and use the right shampoo to improve hair condition.


Best Organic Shampoo In India 

Khadi Natural Aloevera Herbal Hair Cleanser/Shampoo

Khadi Natural Aloevera Herbal Hair Cleanser Shampoo

Cosmo Natural’s organic shampoo is ideal for maintaining all hair types daily. This organic, preservative-free hair care treatment gives shine to dry hair, rebalances greasy hair, and repairs damaged hair.

Its formula enriched with honey, calendula, essential oils, and oats perfectly respects your scalp’s natural balance. Its naturally fresh scent perfumes the hair, while its 100% organic formulation does not cause allergies.

Brittle and stiffened hair regains its suppleness with this natural shampoo for frequent use by the Bio Cosmo brand.


WOW Apple Cider Vinegar No Parabens & Sulphate Shampoo

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar No Parabens & Sulphate Shampoo

This natural shampoo from the brand So ‘Bio Étic softens and moisturizes hair thanks to its formula based on almond milk and wheat protein. Its nourishing actions revitalize the hair fiber while respecting its natural balance. Its cleansing properties soften and sanitize hair. After a few days, your hair will regain its shine and suppleness.

Its formulation without sulfate, parabens, or silicone adapts to the requirements of all hair types. This shampoo ideally complements your hair care to allow your hair to regain its natural shine, tone, and softness.


Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser

Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser

Vidal’s organic shampoo has been developed to prevent hair loss. Its choice is ideal for intensifying fine hair and for supplementing haircare designed to prevent hair loss.

This shampoo preserves the right pH balance of the hair, and it responds to daily hair maintenance use to avoid dandruff.

Its formulation based on powerful natural ingredients sanitizes, moisturizes, strengthens, and intensifies hair. Arginine stimulates blood flow to the follicles while ginseng revitalizes hair.

Lavender stimulates hair growth, and jojoba seed concentrate performs nourishing actions. The betaine moisturizes naturally to give shine to your hair.


Khadi Natural Herbal Amla And Reetha Shampoo/Cleanser

Khadi Natural Herbal Amla And Reetha Shampoo/Cleanser

MagiForet’s organic argan oil natural shampoo has moisturizing, soothing, and softening properties at the same time. Its use is suitable for curly hair and colored hair.

Its sulfate-free formulation helps to cleanse hair without irritating the scalp thoroughly. Its choice is ideally suited to the use of hair maintenance in pre-finishing.

Simply apply it for a few days to allow the hair to regain its shine and suppleness. This organic moisturizing shampoo meets both the requirements of oily and dry hair.

Its creamy, frothy texture melts much more easily to perform a deep cleansing while softening the scalp.


Morpheme Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Morpheme Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

The organic shampoo of the brand Eclat Skincare benefits from a unique formula based on Moroccan argan oil with moisturizing, radiant, strengthening, sizing, purifying, and restorative properties. Its natural formulation enriched with sweet almond oil and organic jojoba oil also improves the texture of your hair without leaving any fat.

This shampoo cleanses all types of hair thoroughly while nourishing them. Dry or dry hair will regain its natural glow. Damaged or bristling hair will be repaired. Fine hair will regain volume and intensify over time. The oily hair will refine without losing its shine, tone, and volume.


Organic Harvest Daily Shampoo

Organic Harvest Daily Shampoo

Ghost Bond’s organic shampoo keeps your hair smooth, cleanses, and nourishes it. Its sweet formula enriched with honey, propolis, cade, and clay will soothe your scalp. This shampoo is recommended to complete restorative hair care for damaged, brittle, or weakened hair.

Its revitalizing properties invigorate the hair. This soft-textured shampoo gives volume to fine hair and purifies oily hair while preserving its shine.

Its formula, intensely rich in honey and propolis, treats fragile hair thanks to its nourishing and soothing actions.


Botanica Biotin Collagen Volumizing Shampoo

Botanica Biotin Collagen Volumizing Shampoo

A sweet scent with the scent of orange, a nourishing formula that soothes toned, revitalized, and sanitized hair. Urtekram’s bio-hydrating shampoo will take care of your hair.

Essentially rich in organic aloe vera, this natural hair product takes advantage of the ideal formulation to allow you to maintain beautiful natural hair.

Whether for a daily or weekly wash, this shampoo guarantees surprising results after two or three uses.

Dry hair will be brighter; greasy hair will be smoothed without losing shine. Fragile hair will be strengthened; fine hair will get more volume.


Benefits of the organic shampoo

The use of organic shampoos and conditioners is exceptionally gentle and benefits your hair in many ways. Organic shampoos can change the condition of your hair and improve it. You’ve already seen how these are better than commercial chemical shampoos; here’s what they’re like even individually:


Organic shampoo is not hard or cruel to your hair in any way. The absence of chemicals makes them hair-friendly. They work on the hair systematically and naturally without side effects or any adverse effects. You won’t have to worry about hair being damaged with the use of organic shampoos. They are known for their active and harmless properties that condition hair. Being cruelly free is the only selling point for organic shampoos.


Hair health

The health of your hair is vital. You’ll feel good if your hair feels good. It takes great effort and all the right products to make your hair soft, shiny, and beautiful. Shampoo is the most widely used product in hair and is responsible for cleaning, moisturizing, and moisturizing the hair. An excellent organic shampoo can do all this and create a protective cover that will protect you from contaminants and possible damage.


Hairstyle products

You comb your hair using countless styling products. There are products such as hair shed, hair extensions etc., etc. All of these products cause stress on the hair and also expose them to chemicals. Organic shampoo can nullify the effect of these hair products with their natural and moisturizing ingredients. This is one of the most sought-after benefits of organic shampoos. You need to comb your hair, and if someone protects it from damage, that favors you.


Premature aging

Your hair shows the effect of what you eat and what you think. Any incorrect stress or diet can cause premature aging, and hair graying can begin early. Organic shampoo can protect hair color from roots and help keep it intact. It can also help preserve and protect dyed hair, so it doesn’t lose its color. It will prolong the freshness of the hair for a longer period of time.


Easy on the scalp

A lot of people forget to take care of their scalp. The scalp is the root of all hair, and having an active and well-nourished scalp can help improve hair quality automatically. This is a great advantage of organic shampoos. They work on your scalp and provide you with the nutrients you need, and make it safe. It cures the scaly, dry scalp, boils on the scalp, and makes it healthy again without any chemicals.


Heating products

We use many heating products such as a hairdryer, hair curler, and straightening machine. All of them expose the hair and scalp to extreme heat. This can be improved with the help of organic shampoo. It softens and cools the scalp and nullifies the heat effect of these tools. The organic shampoo has ingredients such as coconut oil, which are refrigerant agents.

Here are some of the benefits that come from using organic shampoos. If you’ve chosen the best organic shampoo, it can help you in many other ways as well.


Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Shampoos

Together with the experts, we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about organic shampoos below.

Q. Is Organic Shampoo Better?

A. The safest shampoo for chemically dyed or treated hair is organic or natural. It never results in unnecessary hair loss. The presence of bright nutrients, vitamins, and extensive oils in these shampoos helps retain moisture from the hair for an extended period of time. Using these shampoos regularly in your bathing routine can give you radiant, healthy hair.


Q. Can you use an organic shampoo every day?

A. It is never recommended to wash your hair every day with any shampoo, even with an organic shampoo. You can use it two or three times a week. Excessive shampoo use can result in hair frizz and unwanted hair loss and disturb your hair’s pH balance. If natural shampoos are applied twice a week, it can result in healthy and beautiful hair. However, you can wash your hair with pure water every day.


Q. How to use an organic shampoo?

A. You can use organic shampoo in the following ways: – First and foremost, always moisten your hair before applying the shampoo. Use warm water and try to avoid boiling water.

– Apply shampoo and gently massage hair from scalp to ends.

– Make sure a soft, thick foam forms between the thumb pad and scalp.

– Clean the hair strands and

scalp thoroughly – With warm water, you can rinse and apply any soft conditioner.

– Repeat it two or three times a week.


Q. Why should I use organic shampoo?

A. Organic shampoo consists of natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, tea tree oil or shea butter, etc. These ingredients work best for hair follicles. Different scalp conditions such as itching on the skin or dandruff can benefit by using organic shampoo firmly. All kinds of dirt, dust, etc., can be easily removed using this type of shampoo.


Q. Why does your hair fall out?

A. Hair loss can occur at any age. Mainly thin hair or hair loss can result from inheritance, stress, poor lifestyle, or medicinal effect. Shampoos containing sodium lauryl sulfate, mire sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, olefin sulfate should be avoided if you face any problems with hair loss. Normally, in organic shampoos and conditioners, beta-glucan is present, which can relieve irritated scalp and improve hair growth.


Q. Can organic dandruff shampoo be used?

A. Yes, you can. Organic shampoo is mild; herbal shampoos are best for treating dandruff and itching of the scalp. Organic shampoos can bring natural shine to your hair. If your hair is dyed, then the glow of color can be maintained for an extended period of time. People with dry hair and Crespo can also opt for natural shampoos. Plant extracts can efficiently moisturize the scalp and improve hair growth.



Here are some of the points that can help tell you the importance of the best organic shampoos, how they are better than chemical shampoos, and also what you should check before buying any organic shampoo to choose the best. I hope it will help you become aware and information to find your next shampoo.

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