Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men & Women In India 2021

When you enter the world of supplements to get a healthy body, a large amount of information we can find could be overwhelming. So much data on vitamins, minerals, enzymes, among others, make the right or true choice of information a difficult task. Now, maybe this would be easier if everything was concentrated in a simple capsule.

Meeting daily vitamin and mineral requirements can be difficult, so multivitamin supplements exist. These are built to complement healthy habits. In this guide, we will mention the most common multivitamins and give you a small explanation of how you can choose the one that is right for you.

  • To keep our bodies in optimal conditions, we can use multivitamins as a way to supplement our diet.
  • Because multivitamins are not drugs, their sale does not have established control so that you can run into anything effective products.
  • Defining a multivitamin as a good quality product reduces the likelihood of developing certain pathologies or maintaining an optimal state of health.

Best Multivitamin In India 2021 for Men & Women

Before purchasing any multivitamins, it is ideal to consider certain points, such as the origin and quality, the effectiveness of the nutrient mixture, and the value for money. Following the points we’ve said so far in this guide will better evaluate the list of 5 most common products on the market.

Carbamide Forte Multivitamins with Probiotics

Best Multivitamin in India

Whether in the vast majority of products, the user’s opinion is a major factor, even more so when the effects are noticed or not in the body itself.

This alternative enjoys broad support as a source of energy and empowerment of the general well-being of the wearer.

Better digestions, less fatigue, and more brilliant day-to-day are some of the most outstanding qualities.

These properties add an excellent price since it is a boat designed for the whole year because of a grade per day.

In any case, this posology is not mandatory and can, for example, be no longer taken when you do not have a working day.

This parenthesis can help the body not get used to both components and losing effectiveness because of it.

To their fair extent, they give what is generally sought when using these products. That is, extra strength and balance to face the day with guarantees.

Point objections affect smell and taste, although they do not appear to be feathering problems in a product that is ingested in seconds, especially when the benefits are contrastable throughout the day.

HealthKart HK Basics Multivitamin

HealthKart HK Basics Multivitamin

Made from natural ingredients and without any sweetener. Highly valued as relief from tiredness and as an element of improvement when it comes to falling asleep.

It also complies with one of the most outstanding features of these supplements as it is to be an optimal supplement to the diet. Thus, it provides the extras that stay out by controlling the feed.

In addition, it is ideal for those who want a product without sugars or additives and is also suitable for vegans and celiacs.

In this case, on the previous one that leads this selection, although comparatively, this product is somewhat more expensive, the fruit smell is delightful and there is no complaint, quite the opposite, in this regard.

Another advantage, which also has its importance in this range, is how easy it is to ingest the capsule.

People who are low in nutrients will notice its effects very appreciably.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Women

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Women, Best Multivitamin Tablet for Women

Product with a wide range of nine vitamins, numerous minerals, and other components make up an optimal vitamin supplement.

Its price, however, is above average in proportion to the number of units the pot brings.

It is one of the best-known brands in this segment, and the energy and wellness effects are seen in a short margin of time.

As for its composition, it stands out mainly for a large number of minerals it contains. Up to a total of twelve.

These include copper and manganese that are essential in transforming food that is ingested into energy.

Rainbow Light, Women’s One Multivitamin

Rainbow Light, Women’s One Multivitamin

As it is foreseeable in a bottle with no less than 450 pills, the size of each unit makes it very easy to swallow—a very economical price.

The result it offers is generally satisfactory, with energy inputs very appreciated, such as jobs that generate stress.

In the mean in terms of vitamins and somewhat shorter in minerals compared to other competitors.

The widespread criticism alludes to how complicated it is to open the boat as it will not thread.

MuscleBlaze MB- Vite Multivitamin

Best Multivitamin Tablet for Men

Alpha Nutrition is a product that contains essential amino acids, vitamins such as K, C, D, A, and B complex, plus the Shiitake fungus. It is ideal for recovering energy during your exercise routine since its functions are recovering muscle tissue. It is not a drug, and its use is the responsibility of the wearer.

Ideally, you will be able to use this product on a par with healthy habits, such as playing a sport and eating a varied diet, in this way you can see the results you want. This pack offers you 120 capsules, and each of them has 750 mg of the supplement. What else do you want to decide to change your eating habits? Easier and more comfortable.

Inlife Multivitamin & Minerals Nutritab

Inlife Multivitamin & Minerals Nutritab

Centrum is an auxiliary at different stages of life, where it is normal for the demand for vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to be higher. It helps to synthesis energy from food, so it helps the immune system. It also manages to reduce stress, making it ideal for days full of hours of mental exertion.

It can be used if you have a deficiency of any of the nutrients listed on the label. Its mode of use is orally, and a dose of 1 tablet per day is suggested. It contains iron which, at high doses, can be harmful in children. If you are taking any type of drug, read the label as it could compete in its absorption.

Healthvit Mulvit Multivitamins & Minerals

Healthvit Mulvit Multivitamins & Minerals

MDN Beat Vitamins is a product made in Mexico with the highest quality standards. This pack has 60 tablets with vitamins such as C, E, K, D, B complex, coenzyme Q10, pantothenic acid, curcumin, green tea extract, and olive extract. Therefore, it is ideal for providing extra energy to the body.

Don’t forget to use this product on a par with healthy habits, such as exercise and a healthy diet, so you can get the results you’re looking for. You can take it if you lack any of the nutrients listed on the label. Its mode of use is orally, and the recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day.

Himalayan Organics Organic Multivitamin

Himalayan Organics Organic Multivitamin

Solanum Pharma Complex B is a supplement that is used in almost all processes of the human body. It gives you extra energy and vitality to be able to perform to the fullest in your day. It helps you have a healthy nervous system, reducing stress levels. In addition, it gives you a plus in improving short and long-term memory.

This pack has 120 capsules, making it ideal to have its benefits for longer at home. Its mode of use is orally, and it is recommended to take 1 capsule a day, preferably after breakfast. Its ingredients are 100% natural. If you use any type of drug, read the label, as the product can compete in its absorption.

Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multi Vitamin

Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multi Vitamin

This product is ideal for treating and preventing some type of nutritional deficit that has to do with complex B and helps good development in minors. Its mode of use is oral; the most indicated is 1 tablet per day. These tablets can be chewed, sucked, or dissolved in a tablespoon of water for easy use. That’s great!

It is suggested to avoid use insensitive to any of the compounds in the formula. Do not use it in case of liver failure, active peptic ulcer, or optic neuropathy. It has no restriction of use in pregnant or lactating women for safe use. Although it is a pediatric supplement, it should not be left within reach of children.

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know About Multivitamin Supplements

A supplement that offers you a wide variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, among others, in a single product is undoubtedly a multivitamin. They are a trendy alternative that can solve some nutritional deficiencies in a single intake, providing quality and health.

A multivitamin is a supplementation product that provides three or more nutrients, bringing health benefits. 

What exactly is a multivitamin?

It is a supplement that provides three or more nutrients, bringing health benefits. To know which supplement suits each one, it will be necessary to know what virtue we seek to achieve with this product, as the combination of several nutrients will not be the same in all supplements. Multivitamins can be ingested when we want to solve a state of food deprivation, which can be generated by little or no food intake, a stressful life, or another cause that generates a nutritional imbalance in the body. Although, it should be mentioned that there are already multivitamins made for certain stages of life, such as gestation and lactation.

Remember that some multivitamins may also contain substances other than vitamins and minerals, such as plants.

In Mexico, these products are not medicines but supplements for food. Therefore, these products are not subject to the same regulatory standards as medicines. Their standard is a little more flexible, which means that their sale and promotion are not entirely true and do not meet their effectiveness or quality.

What vitamins are found in multivitamin supplements?

Micronutrients such as vitamins are important compounds to maintain an optimal state in our body. They regulate proper cellular functioning and are necessary to survive. Because the human body cannot produce these micronutrients, it will be necessary to obtain food. As already mentioned, not all supplements are the same. Currently, you can find a wide range of supplements with different combinations of nutrients. Age, sex, health status, and degree of physical activity will be the determinants in defining our nutritional needs and the type of supplement we will need.

Several vitamins and minerals are constantly repeated in supplements. Below is a table where you can find a small but useful summary that mentions the nutrients that are part of most multivitamins. In addition, we add a summary of their functions.

to It maintains normal eyesight, is a cellular antioxidant, maintains body immunity and skin integrity
B1Carbohydrate metabolism and maintains the nervous system
B2 (riboflavin) transforms nutrients into energy, promotes normal eyesight, promotes skin integrity, and contributes to the excretion of toxic substances (detox function)
B3 Energy metabolism, DNA repair, eliminate toxic substances and aids hormonal synthesis
B5 (pantothenic acid) Metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, helps to conserve skin and hair health (under investigation)
B6DNA repair, cell synthesis, and preservation maintain immunity
B7 (biotin) Metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, contributes to energy production, cell growth, and control of blood sugar levels
B9 (folic acid) DNA repair, cell synthesis, and conservation maintain the nervous system
B12 DNA repair, cell synthesis, and conservation maintain the nervous system and aids red blood cell synthesis
C It has an antioxidant function, contributes to nutrient absorption, collagen synthesis, and maintains the immune system
D Calcium absorption repairs and creates bone, maintain the immune system and helps the conservation of cardiovascular health
EIt is a powerful cellular antioxidant. It keeps the nervous system
KAntihemorrhagic function (coagulation) repairs and creates bone, maintains the immune system, and preserves cardiovascular health

The vast majority of multivitamins will contain some of the combinations of vitamins mentioned in the table above, so it will be necessary to look for that product that offers us the necessary amount of nutrients that our diet cannot cover. For example, vegan and vegetarian people are the main people to benefit from these products.

What are the consequences of a vitamin deficiency?

  • The imbalance of nutrients in our body happens when the daily requirements of some nutrients are not met, which causes damage to our body in the short or long term. The symptoms of a lack of some nutrients are somewhat specific, but it will depend on what type of nutrient our body lacks. In the following list, we mention the most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency. Insufficient vitamin A intake compromises night vision quality. If the lack of vitamin A continues, longer, immunity and cell regeneration capacity will also be compromised.
  • Deficiency of vitamins B1, B2, B2, B5, and B6. They will negatively affect energy production, committing the absorption and use of nutrients to reduce energy production.
  • Folic acid deficiency (B9) is linked to causing anemia, mouth ulcers, and the onset of gray hair prematurely. In pregnant women, fetal malformations increase.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in vegans and strict vegetarians. It can lead to anemia, neurological symptoms (such as numbness of the limbs, memory loss, mood swings), and digestive (mainly, loss of appetite and constipation).
  • Vitamin C deficiency. It causes fatigue and hinders immune system function. Severe deficiency could lead to scurvy, a sporadic disease today, which manifests itself with bleeding and gum ulcers, as well as psychiatric disorders.
  • Vitamin D deficiency. It affects calcium absorption and reabsorption to bones, increasing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. This deficiency also harms cardiovascular health, causing hypertension and other heart disorders. In addition, to compromise some thyroid hormones.
  • Vitamin E deficiency. can lead to premature aging. In addition, a severe deficiency will damage the nervous system and affect cognitive ability, impairing memory and learning.
  • Lack of vitamin K levels. It affects the body’s ability to clot and heal, causing bleeding and wounds that fail to heal normally.

Among the functions of vitamin C is its function as an antioxidant, increased absorption of some nutrients, and collagen formation. (Source: Free stocks org: 626892/

Knowing the main symptoms of hypovitaminosis or deficiency of one or more vitamins can reverse this eating imbalance without compromising our health. One factor that can aggravate or accelerate hypovitaminosis is unhealthy lifestyle habits such as poor diet, addictions, and sedentary lifestyles.

What other compounds are found in multivitamin supplements?

  • As mentioned above, multivitamins contain a wide variety of nutrients that benefit the body. Some supplements have one or more minerals (micronutrients obtained through diet) among their compounds. In the following list, we will mention the most used minerals. Calcium: This mineral is prevalent for bones and teeth, but it is essential to know other vital processes involved, such as blood clotting and muscle contraction. Its deficit generates general weakness and will affect the bones, increasing fractures, rickets, and osteoporosis.
  • Iron: It is a mineral necessary for transporting gases (especially oxygen) in the blood and muscle. Its deficit generates iron deficiency anemia and is more common to affect women of childbearing potential.
  • Phosphorus: This element plays a role in the formation of bones and teeth. In addition, it is involved in the energy synthesis and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Its deficiency affects bone health and will lead to general weakness in the body.
  • Magnesium: It is essential for the formation of new muscle tissue. Regulates the levels of the rest of the minerals. If your levels are too low, fatigue, weakness, and mood disturbances will appear.
  • Manganese: This mineral is necessary for hormonal synthesis and the absorption and activation of other antioxidant compounds, such as vitamin C. Its deficit will cause alterations at all levels of the body (hair loss, nail loss, bone weakness, and growth disturbances).
  • Selenium: It is considered an antioxidant mineral that prevents premature aging. In men, this element could increase fertility, probably increasing sperm production.
  • Copper: It is an element that regulates the correct absorption of iron, so in the absence of a deficit, it could also be indirectly responsible for generating anemia. In addition, it is essential in energy synthesis.

It is common for some multivitamins to contain substances other than vitamins and minerals. These substances are plant extracts, for example, ginseng (provides energy and strengthens defenses) and other compounds such as Coenzyme Q10 (a compound present in the human body responsible for 95% of energy production).

Also, supplements may contain good fatty acids (omega-3 keeps the brain and heart-healthy) and substances such as phosphatidylserine (phospholipid that is part of cell membranes and helps proper mental function).

Did you know that potassium is a mineral that is related to maintaining cardiovascular health? Their balance is meticulous, so most supplements prefer not to include it in their formulas and let cardiologists handle their handling.

Which individuals are at high risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency?

A vitamin and mineral deficiency is presented by those people who, for some circumstances, increase the demand for nutrients or have drastically decreased food intake. Here’s a ranking of the type of people with some kind of deficit. People with increased nutritional demand

  • Growth processes: Children and adolescents often have increased nutrition demands to carry out growth and hormonal, bone, and cerebral maturation processes. If for some reason, your diet is not adequate at these stages of life, you may need medical monitoring.
  • Pregnancy and lactation: During the development of the fetus and the lactation of the newborn are higher demand for the body of the woman, where an extra contribution of nutrition will be necessary to perform and finish these processes correctly. Vitamin supplements are usually recommended during this state.
  • Wound healing and recovery: Any type of traumatic events such as sports injuries, fractures, and burns can lead to increased demand for nutrients due to the destruction of the tissue that will subsequently have to be replenished by increasing the nutritional needs of minerals and vitamins.
  • Demanding training routines: Intense exercise stimulates muscle growth and repair. When deciding to develop more muscle, it also increases training exercise to a higher intensity one. This causes nutrient needs to increase to support the anabolic process (growth).
  • Demanding Lifestyle: A stressful way of life leads to the release of different hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream. To create these chemicals, it will be necessary to use vitamins and minerals, increasing the risk of some type of deficiency.

A stressful way of life leads to the release of different hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream. 

People with an intake deficit

  • Older adults: The body of older adults is less efficient in absorbing nutrients from the diet. Also, your appetite is compromised due to loss of smell and taste. In addition, they have increased cases of fractures and diseases that can compromise food intake in your daily diet.
  • Food regimens: Menus that seek a reduction in body weight in some cases can become very restrictive. Insufficient feeding will not provide enough nutrients, increasing the risk of vitamin and mineral deficits.
  • Vegans and vegetarians: It should be noted that a vegetable-based diet does not have to be unbalanced. Although, there are some essential nutrients (such as vitamin B12) that are only present in animal foods. For this reason, vegans and vegetarians are at increased risk of some vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • Absorption defects: People with compromised bowel function (such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or after undergoing bariatric surgery) will have less intestinal absorption of nutrients. These people will be at increased risk of some form of vitamin and mineral deficiency.

In addition to vitamins, multivitamins may have in their formula other nutrients vital to the proper functioning of the body. 

It should be mentioned that there are even more serious cases where a person can belong to more than one of these groups. An example, pregnant vegan women will need to be constant surveillance nutritionally (medically) to avoid some form of vitamin or mineral deficiency and not compromise their health.

How can I get healthy levels of vitamins and minerals through diet?

Any omnivorous diet balanced and varied will be enough to provide the nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals) needed to ensure optimal health. You will need to know the Recommended Daily Amount (CDR) of vitamins and minerals, so we mention the main food sources in the table below.

vitamin AViscera, fatty cheeses, sweet potato, carrot, spinach, papaya, mango700 – 900 micrograms
Vitamins group B (except B9 and B12)Green leafy vegetables, viscera, egg, dairy, legumes, whole grainsB1: 0.8 –
1 milligram B2: 1-1.3 milligrams
13 – 16
milligrams B5: 5 – 7 milligrams B6: 1.2 – 1.4 milligrams B7: 30 micrograms
Vitamin B9 (folic acid)Green leafy vegetables, citrus, legumes, whole grains0.4 – 0.8 milligrams
Vitamin B12Viscera, clams, sardines, tuna, beef, fortified cereals2.4 micrograms
vitamin CPlum, citrus, tomato, pepper, parsley90 milligrams
vitamin dSalmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, oysters, shrimp, egg yolk, fortified dairy600 International Units
vitamin ENuts, sunflower pipes, avocado, salmon, mango, kiwi, fish15 milligrams
vitamin kKale, chard, raw spinach, Brussels sprouts, chicken, veal, pork, dairy120 micrograms
calciumDairy, chia seeds, canned fish, legumes1 – 1.2 grams
copperViscera, oysters, spirulina, mushrooms, nuts, lobster, green leafy vegetables0.9 milligrams
phosphorusMeat, viscera, seafood, dairy, sunflower seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains0.7 – 1 gram
ironSeafood, spinach, viscera, legumes, red meat, quinoa, pumpkin seeds,18 milligrams
magnesiumCocoa, avocado, nuts, legumes, tofu, whole grains400 miligramos
manganesegreen leafy vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, dairy0.3 – 5 milligrams
seleniumNuts, fish, ham, chicken, turkey, fresh cheese, eggs, oats, dairy, bananas55 – 60 microgrammes

Some nutrients need certain habits and activities so that they can be better absorbed and synthesized. Example. Vitamin D is synthesized through exposure to solar radiation or UV rays, almost 90% and only 10% with food.

Other factors compromise vitamin and mineral levels, such as age, certain diseases, physiological conditions (such as pregnancy), and certain fashion diets (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or ketogenic diets). In these cases, it’s ideal for taking some type of multivitamin to help you comply with CRS.

What benefits does a multivitamin supplement bring me?

Multivitamins are arguably like “health insurance” to prevent conditions from nutritional deficiencies in the body. Consumption can maintain a person’s health for years and perhaps even prevent premature aging.

Rachel BondPhysician and Associate Director of Women’s Heart Health

“So far, there is no clear evidence on the benefits of ingesting a multivitamin, especially in cases where the person maintains a balanced diet (…), I take a multivitamin daily. Why? Because there are many benefits and few or no risks when consuming them.”

Multivitamin use may improve the health of certain people, but it should be noted that they do not have the same effectiveness as allopathic drugs. Therefore it is not recommended to replace drugs with this type of product. Here’s a small list of the main benefits of multivitamins.

  • Appetite control and weight loss: It is believed that people who run a diet to lose weight combined with multivitamins felt more satiety and managed to lose weight in greater numbers than those individuals who did diet without taking any supplement.
  • Memory protection: Experts on the subject claim that ingesting some antioxidant-rich supplement can maintain good memory over the years.
  • Cellular protection: Some studies claim that the cells in the body of people who consumed supplements had a better state of health, providing less oxidized and damaged DNA.
  • Reduction of cardiovascular disease: It is believed that in people who consume multivitamins, the likelihood of cardiovascular risk decreases, but the mechanism of this benefit is not yet known exactly.
  • Healthier children: Women who consume multivitamins before and during pregnancy have been shown to have healthier children. Obstetricians recommend prenatal vitamins.
  • Healthier eyes: Studies suggest that the use of multivitamins manages to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration, which is a vision disorder that affects older people.

Multivitamins are arguably like “health insurance” to prevent conditions from nutritional deficiencies in the body. 

Many multivitamin consumers have mentioned that its use relates to a sense of well-being and increased energy in the body. It is common for these users to have decided to consume these products to cope with their daily lives, whether full of stress or anxiety.

What types of multivitamin supplements are available?

Currently, there is a wide variety of multivitamins, which makes there endless combinations capable of adapting to even the most specific need. Also, there are cases where even nutritionists recommend their patients to consume these products. It is necessary that before you go to buy a supplement that suits your needs, you should be aware of some nutrients you will be able to obtain from this product or obtain through your diet. The following table can be used as a guide to help you get started in the world of multivitamins.

Population groupDesired effectMultivitamin (combination)
Vegans and vegetariansPrevent vitamin B12 and D deficiency and prevent calcium, zinc, iron, and omega-3 deficiencyVitamin B12 + Vitamin D + omega-3 + iron + zinc
Women of childbearing potentialPrevent the onset of anemia due to blood loss in menstruation, provides energy, increased sense of well-beingFolic acid + vitamin C + vitamin E + iron
Older women (postmenopausal)Prevents premature aging, copes with tiredness and prevents memory loss, vision and maintains muscle capacityOmega-3 + B vitamins + vitamin D + vitamin K + vitamin E
Young menIncreased energy, a constant sense of well-being, prevents premature aging, increased fertility and sexual potencyVitamins of group B + vitamin C + zinc + selenium
Older menPrevent premature aging, copes with tiredness and fatigue, and prevents memory loss, vision, and muscle capacityOmega-3 + B vitamins + vitamin D + vitamin K + vitamin E + selenium
Students (university and opponents)Reduces the feeling of fatigue, copes with stress, prevents memory loss and cognitive abilitiesVitamins of group B + vitamin D + vitamin C + zinc + magnesium + phosphatidylserine
People under stressReduces the feeling of fatigue, also reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes normal sleep habitsVitamins of the B group + vitamin C + vitamin D + magnesium
AthletesIncrease energy, prevents injuries, promotes muscle mass gain, provides endurance, and prevents oxidative stressVitamins of the B + vitamin E + vitamin C + magnesium
People looking to lose weightControls appetite achieve healthy weight loss and avoids the “bounce effect”Vitamins of group B + vitamin D + vitamin C + omega-3 + iron + magnesium

After reading the table, you will have learned about the different types of multivitamins on the market. Remember that there may also be special supplements for pregnant and nursing women and the pediatric population. In each of these cases, it is recommended to be accompanied by a specialist in the subject.

How should I take my multivitamin supplement?

  • Multivitamin supplements are truly very popular, but it is not easy to know when or when to consume them; knowing these points will make the most of the product. If you want to know how and when to consume them, read on to the next section. What time should I take my multivitamin?: Some nutrients give an energy effect, so they should be taken when waking up. For example, vitamin C, B vitamins (except B3), and vitamin D. Otherwise, vitamin B3 and magnesium give a relaxing effect and should be taken at night.
  • How to take my multivitamin?: In the case of water-soluble vitamins (B and C complex), they are dissolved in water and logan be efficiently absorbed with or without food. However, fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, and K) will need fats for absorption and should therefore be taken accompanied by food.
  • Most suitable multivitamin dosage: It is recommended to choose that supplement that can offer 100% of the COR of the chosen nutrients. Supplements with lower COR tend to be less efficient, but overcoming this parameter can trigger dangerous overdoses of vitamins and minerals.

Remember that it is also possible to choose your multivitamin depending on your eating habits. For example, if you want to get more iron absorption, take your multivitamin along with a natural orange juice. Always remember that coffee reduces the absorption of almost all nutrients, but we understand that you can’t say goodbye to coffee, so you’ll have to drink it an hour or two before your multivitamin.

What precautions should I take while using a multivitamin supplement?

It is common for people to be disappointed in their multivitamins after consuming them for months and not noticing or obtaining the expected results. For our fortune, these failures or errors are truly easy to solve. In the next section, we will mention the main mistakes we make when consuming this product. Choose a suitable formula.

  • Avoid mixing calcium and iron: Unfortunately, these two minerals interact, making their absorption compromised. Opt for multivitamins that do not combine these minerals. If you take an iron supplement for medical instructions, we recommend that you do not take it with dairy or food sources of calcium.
  • Choose active forms of nutrients: Always check your supplement labels and look for those where you’re told they have vitamins in their “active form.” In this way, your product will be more effective because it will be easier to absorb them, and your body will not invest energy in metabolizing nutrients.
  • Remember that vitamin E is a set of 8 compounds: It is a fat-soluble vitamin that functions as an antioxidant and comprises a group of 8 compounds called tocopherols. It is essential that your supplement contains all types of tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta, and gamma), and thus make sure that it will bring you its protective effect.

Never exceed the indicated dose.

  • The dangers of calcium: Excessive calcium intake can trigger conditions such as constipation, altering heart rate, can increase the likelihood of kidney stones, and over the years, it can be stored in arterial walls, increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • You’re not always going to need iron: Although iron is a mineral of widespread use in multivitamins, it is an element with a high oxidizing capacity. For this reason, it should not be over-ingested. High consumption can accelerate aging. Remember that you should only consume it if you really need it.
  • The right amount of folic acid: Excessive supplementation of this vitamin may mask other deficiencies, such as vitamin B12. This would cause chronic problems and irreversibly affect the body.
  • Vitamin D to discuss: It is believed that excessive consumption of this vitamin could lead to calcification of blood vessels, to the point of deteriorating the most important arteries. We suggest that you do not exceed vitamin D COR and, if possible, consume it in conjunction with vitamin K, which prevents arterial calcium deposit.
  • Care, pregnant women: Any woman who thinks to gestate or is gestating should start consuming any supplement, as long as she follows up with a specialist. This is because vitamins can harm the fetus and its development, such as vitamin A, leading to fetal malformations.

This type of product, usually in Mexico, does not have individual approval before being marketed, and its monitoring is done until they are already for sale (COFEPRIS). Because of this, the General Law on Health in the Mexican Official Standard 043 suggests that its use is the responsibility of the person who consumes it and recommends it.

What pharmacological interactions can my multivitamin supplement cause?

Some multivitamins have compounds that can compromise your usual medication. Remember to see your doctor before deciding to take any multivitamins if you’re taking medications. Below, we have placed a table to find the most common interactions between vitamins, minerals, and drugs.

NutrientDrug You Interact With
vitamin ARetinoids, antibiotics, and anticoagulants
Vitamins group BAntihypertensives and chemotherapy
vitamin CAluminum antacids (Almax®), estrogen (contraceptives), antipsychotics, chemotherapy, anti-HIV treatment, cholesterol treatments, and anticoagulants
vitamin dTreatment for renal failure, antiepileptics, cholesterol treatments, treatment for psoriasis, antibiotics, digoxin, antihypertensive treatment, diuretics, corticosteroids, and laxatives
vitamin ECyclosporine, chemotherapy, statins, and painkillers
vitamin kAnticoagulants and antidiabetics
mineralsActivated charcoal, levodopa, antibiotics, antacids, hypolipidizers (anticholesterol medication), levothyroxine (Euthyroxyn®), and bisphosphonates

In the table above, we only mention some of the interactions generated during multivitamin consumption. If your medicine doesn’t appear on this chart, but once you’ve started consuming your supplement, you’ve noticed changes in its effectiveness, you should immediately stop your multivitamin and see your doctor.

What is the price of a multivitamin supplement?

Normally, the prices of multivitamins varied about the number of nutrients in their formula and the company’s renown that manufactures them. The extra compounds, such as plant extracts, are contained in the supplement. The cost of multivitamins is between 200 pesos up to 1000 pesos. Supplements containing active compounds, enzymes, or molecules that are difficult to synthesize will be products with a higher cost than those with only vitamins and minerals. It should be noted that these novel products are not yet checked for greater effectiveness. But for our fortune, the elements that benefit us the most are the most economical.

Did you know that the first multivitamins were sold in the early twentieth century to reduce nutritional deficiencies among upper-class children?

Purchase criteria

Normally, you come across those who provide everything at a low price but with questionable quality during your search for the ideal multivitamin. Then, to avoid these disappointments pay close attention to the following purchasing criteria.

  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Additional compounds
  • Form of administration
  • Sweeteners and dyes
  • Value

Allergies and intolerances

The origin of the ingredients contained in multivitamins is varied. Some come from plants, others from animals, and even minerals. Remember, be very well known about possible allergens that may contain the supplements, and more, if you are a person with food intolerances or allergies. Always look for products free of gluten, lactose, nuts, soy, among others.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, choose those multivitamins free of ingredients of animal origin. Most of these products have a vegan quality seal and guarantee that your product is 100% vegetable origin.

Gastrointestinal discomfort

Multivitamins are supplements that can be used safely. Although, there are cases where people suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort when they start ingesting any of these supplements in their diet.

Some of these discomforts are gas, abdominal distention, and swelling. However, they don’t usually trigger any serious illnesses. An alternative to avoid these discomforts is to consume the supplement along with meals. People prone to gastrointestinal problems opt for a product formulated for people with delicate stomachs and avoid those rich in iron.

Nike SonpalProfessor at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Gastrointestinal discomfort when consuming multivitamins is prevalent. It affects young people more than older adults more, perhaps because the former lead a more stressful lifestyle.”

Additional compounds

You may find a wide range of ingredients in your multivitamin. They are mostly enzymes (chemical reaction enhancers) or some plant extracts. Always search for ingredients you don’t know to make sure they’re effective and safe. Here are some elements.

  • Ginseng: It is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in traditional Chinese medicine. It has healing and energizing effects.
  • Gingko Biloba: Coming from a tree originating in China. It is suggested that it has properties that help circulation and blood clotting.
  • Guarana: It comes from an Amazon shrub, has stimulating properties very similar to those of caffeine.
  • Chamomile: Plant belonging to traditional medicine is used to treat stomach discomfort, flatulence, and restlessness.
  • Valerian: Medicinal plant to which sedative and relaxing effects are attributed.
  • Coenzyme Q-10: Enzyme responsible for the formation of energy in the human body.
  • Omega-3: Fatty acid that benefits cardiovascular and brain health.
  • Phosphatidylserine: Compound that is part of cell membranes. He is credited with improving neural functions.
  • L-Theanine: Green tea extract that has anxiolytic and antioxidant properties.
  • Caffeine: It is a stimulating and metabolism activator compound.

Form of administration

Because these supplements should be consumed in a single dose per day, companies have marketed them as tablets, making their administration more comfortable and effective. But also, you can get them in powder or liquid form. Always choose the product that suits you, because its effectiveness will not be affected by whatever it presents.

If, for some reason, you notice that the color of your urine turns very dark during your multivitamin intake, you’re probably not absorbing all the nutrients or taking too much.

Sweeteners and dyes

It is recommended that you purchase those multivitamins free of artificial dyes and sweeteners. These additives give a better taste and smell to the product but can cause intestinal discomfort or allergic reactions. I always prefer those products that contain 100% natural ingredients.


Multivitamin supplementation is usually recommended over one to three months, so it is recommended that you purchase a product with enough capsules, powder, or liquid. Remember that, like any product for sale, too, it can be in the promotion and its price is reduced, do not worry about its expiration, they are products that last a long time.

What are the advantages?

We have already pointed out that these multivitamins do not replace a balanced diet. Neither do the meds.

Both warnings do not mean that they do not help improve health in several ways. Among them, we highlight:

  • Help in diets: Some studies show that using these products helps you go less hungry during weight-loss diets and boost weight loss.
  • Memory: A combination rich in antioxidants benefits memory maintenance, according to some experts.
  • Cells: May help lower DNA oxide.

Which people benefit the most?

There are groups potentially more benefited by their effects:

  • Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding their baby (always with a visit and prior knowledge of medical staff).
  • People on low-calorie diets.
  • Babies to ensure their calcium and vitamin D levels.
  • Vegetarians or vegans to compensate for the lack of certain foods.
  • Allergic to certain products to compensate for the vitamins they lose from this incompatibility.
  • Older people and young people growing up.
  • Athletes of intense activity. These multivitamins are found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish, meat, and dairy products.


If you plan to supplement your diet and health, multivitamins are a safe option to start. They have formulas designed to combat the most common deficiencies, compromising achieving or maintaining a healthy state. A single capsule daily will suffice!

You must exercise, have a healthy diet, and addiction-free life if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, supplementing your healthy habits with a multivitamin supplement will help you get an optimal state ideal for a full and active life at any time.

We hope that this multivitamin supplement guide has been to your liking; please share this information on all your social networks and leave us a comment. See you next time!

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