10 Best Mattress In India 2021 From Wake-fit, SleepyCat, Sleepwell, Kurlon, Flo, Sunday Mattress

The concept of “bed-in-a-box” has been experiencing unprecedented enthusiasm for the past ten years. Many DNVB(digitally native vertical brands) enter the bedding market by offering their mattresses exclusively for sale on the internet. Alongside the giants Casper or Emma, we find Indian mattress like SleepyHead. Below, the comparison of the best mattress on the internet will give you the sector’s essential references.

If buying a mattress on the internet can put off more than one, the startups behind the concept have thought of everything. They allow the curious to test their bed for 100 nights to be convinced, without commitment. If it arrives rolled and compressed in a small cardboard box (hence the term “bed-in-a-box”) at home, the carriers come to take back the product as is if customers are not satisfied.

Success is on the agenda as the German company Emma has exceeded one million mattresses sold. In India, it has recently crossed the threshold of 150,000 units. By ignoring the network of physical stores, these brands are making colossal savings. They pass it directly on to the mattress rate for customers – which is therefore up to 2 or 3x cheaper than in a bedding store.

Finding the best mattress online – that meets your needs and budget – is not an easy task. Brands have multiplied, and competition has already done damage. US giant Casper was forced to leave the European market in 2019 due to a lack of profitability. Below, we have put together a comparative ranking for you with all the quality mattresses in India.


Top 10 Best Mattress in India

List of the best mattresses in India 2021:

  • Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress.
  • SleepyCat – Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Spring Mattress.
  • Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sleepwell Cocoon Two-As-One Customizable Feel Mattress
  • Kurl-on Dream Sleep Spring Mattress
  • Sunday Ortho Bed Memory Foam & Latex Mattress


Below, details of the best mattress brands available on the internet in India. Emma, Hypnia and Wakefit are unquestionably the leading trios. This team can be found in many other European countries. These are the references of the moment with a value for money unanimously recognized by the experts (UFC Que Choose, jury elected Product of the Year). By opting for one of these brands, you can’t be disappointed.


10 Best Mattress In India 2021 from Best Brands

Below, we made the list of the best mattresses online. Alongside the German champion Emma, there are also popular brands such as Wakefit (India), Sleepyhead (India) or Eve (US). These players now represent a significant part of all mattresses sold on the internet in India.

We made this ranking by detailing each of these brands’ offerings with their strengths. Be aware that since the pandemic in 2020, about 30% of all mattresses are now sold through the web channel. To give you a single figure: Emma sold 2 million of her beds out of 2020.

Its most popular model, the Emma Original, accounts for about 7% of all mattress sales in India. Below is our list of the best mattresses in India; you’ll be able to compare it to other popular models. The Original model is balanced and will meet a universal need. It’s neither too hard nor too soft – and looks like a mattress you might have in a luxury hotel.


Sleepyhead 3-layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead 3-layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

In a few years, Sleepyhead has become a colossus of online mattresses, and she is the last player in our comparison. The brand was the first to make an IPO in London. Then it expanded to Europe with a complete and effective range. It is composed of mattresses (form memory or hybrids) as well as many accessories. It is unbeatable in the quality and design of its beds, box springs and other small furniture for the room.

Today, it has a wide mattress range and probably one of the best online mattresses on the market. In this comparison of the main brands, we will not analyse all its models. It has 5, voted in 2019 as the best mattress by the UFC Que Choose (the Hybrid Premium model). The latter is also the most expensive of all.

Simply put, the Eve mattress range is broken down into two types. On the one hand, we have the memory foam models: the Classic and the Premium. On the other side, we have hybrid mattresses: Hybrid Light, Hybrid Classic and Hybrid Premium. Eve will tell you that her Eve Classic mattress is the bestseller of the range. This is the simplest, cheapest mattress, and it is already very full. It comes with a memory foam shape and an efficient ventilation system.

In our mattress comparison, the models where Eve stands out the most (in our opinion) are hybrids. The Hybrid Light model is the simplest of all, it ignores the memory foam form, but it has a thick layer of stained springs. It was voted “Best Mattress” by UFC Que Choose in 2018, but that was before the release of the Hybrid Premium models (which stole the show in 2019) and the Hybrid Classic (which was released at the end of 2020).

The Hybrid Premium Eve mattress is the most efficient, and it offers a feeling of “floating” with its Evefloattechnology. The three mattresses are distinguished by their support and welcome, which is not the same. Logically, the reception is firmer on the Hybrid Light model, which has no shape memory. On the other hand, the support will be balanced-firm on the Hybrid Premium model.

What is convenient about Sleepyhead is that it compares mattresses with details of each of the benefits. So you can easily compare the different models to see which one looks like you the most. Beware, Eve is in the high range of the basket at the price level.

A standard offer for services/guarantees

While it offers some of the best mattresses in India in terms of performance, Eve offers a value for money that is a little less so. That said, the brand occasionally organizes promotional operations that save money on its bedding. In the end, the price difference is not huge if you pay for it over several years.

In terms of services, Sleepyhead has always been flawless. In this case, it offers its customers a period of 100 nights of testing with a 10-year warranty on its mattresses. At any time during the first 100 days, customers can request a return of their mattress for free. Note that the delivery is also free.

If Eve doesn’t necessarily do as well as her counterparts Sleep Company or Wakefit on this point, it remains a safe bet. It is already significantly more competitive than physical bedding shops. So it’s more flexibility than you will have with it and a more attractive value for money.


Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Today, the mattress giant prides itself on having found a financial balance with a limited range of mattresses. Unlike Emma or Sleep Company, Wakefit has focused exclusively on premium and hybrid mattresses. Knowing that it offers a much more flexible payment facility than its counterparts (12x free of charge).

For a very long time, Wakefit has capitalized on a single universal mattress: the Wakefit Hybrid. It wasn’t until October 2020 that the British brand released an even more premium version, the Wakefit Hybrid Pro. This change in the range has helped lower the Wakefit Hybrid price, which is becoming more accessible.

From a technical point of view, Wakefit offers the most advanced product on the market. The brand has really worked for a long time to develop a product that meets as many people as possible. The Hybrid mattress composition is as follows: it is composed of foams and 2,500 stained titanium springs. On the top, an open-cell foam(Wakefittex)includes graphite for a fresh, airy mattress.

If you want the ultimate comfort for your sleep, this is probably the best mattress in India online – right after the Hybrid Pro mattress. At the fare level, Wakefit did everything possible to reduce the cost to the final customer. It is necessary to count between 480 and 900 and 900 for such a product. For comparison, the “Hybrid Pro” model of this mattress ranges between 700 and 1,100 degrees.

A range of efficient and premium accessories

Wakefit also offers a pillow, a duvet, and bed linen if you want to have the maximum comforts. The first two come with very advanced proprietary technology, which also explains their cost. The giant Wakefit boasts of using NASA technologies to give a level of cocooning ever higher. These accessories offer maximum freshness and softness, and they are obviously hypoallergenic.

Rather than diversifying into beds, box springs and other accessories for the room, Wakefit focuses on the essentials. The brand has the smallest range of products, but each of its products is successful. If it were to be compared to another industry, Wakefit would be the “Apple” bedding on the web. If the value for money is a little less attractive than some competitors, it is an excellent mattress without a doubt.

200 nights of testing at Wakefit

In the summer of 2020, Wakefit made an important decision. Renowned for having the best mattress (or at least one of the best), she finally decided to double her clients’ trial period. Now they have up to 200 free trial nights to test the product at home – under real-world conditions. That’s more than 6 months of testing, which is quite a long time. Even Sleep Company, who until now offered a record 120 nights, is now behind.

Experts recommend testing the product for 2 to 3 weeks to convince yourself of the mattress. In other words, 100 or 200 nights don’t make much difference in the analysis of comfort for customers. That said, seen like that, it’s an argument for Wakefit that we don’t find anywhere else. However, the brand’s sleep accessories are not eligible for a testing period.

In addition to the trial period, Wakefit is also the best mattress brand on payment flexibility. While its competitors limit payment to 3 or 4x at no cost, English goes even further. You will be able to pay for your bedding up to 12x at no cost (12 months in a row). In the end, the monthly cost will be much lighter; you won’t have to absorb a large expense.

Finally, the last point is that the Wakefit mattress is guaranteed over a 10-year period.


Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Spring Mattress

Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Spring Mattress.

In less than a decade, The Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Spring Mattress has made a place for itself in the bedding market. The Toulouse company is now among the elite of mattress brands on the web. Its French origin, which is a strong argument, offers a range of products and advantageous prices.

Rather than focusing on a single, best online mattress, The Peps Spring Koil Bonnell Spring Mattress has come up with a wider range. It thus responds to different profiles while offering the flexibility of an Emma in terms of services. In terms of the range of sleep accessories, hypnosis is the benchmark on the market. The bedding specialist offers a wide range that can’t be found anywhere else on his online shop.

Among its best-selling online mattresses are three models that stand out: Supreme Wellness, Comfort Plus and Vitality. The first is a very thick (30 cm) and hybrid mattress. It is composed of memory foam, latex and stained springs. The second is the bed that rivals the Emma Original with a focus on form memory. The Vitality model is also made of memory foam form, but it is intended for a target of sportspeople. Its reception is more dynamic.

The Supreme Wellness Mattress, the bestseller

The French understood that good sleep was essential to a healthy lifestyle.  At Sleep, the bestseller is none other than its hybrid mattress called “Supreme Well-being”. It mixes several materials that offer a very high-end comfort. However, its price remains very affordable. This is the only French mattress in our comparison, and it is the best mattress by Sleep Company.

In terms of composition, this Supreme Wellness model is the best online mattress you can find in French. In this case, it already has a layer of 20 cm of bagy springs (be careful, this has nothing to do with old mattresses with uncomfortable springs) on the 30 cm of the total thickness. This lower part is then covered with several layers of foam (including one with a form memory) and a natural latex layer. The whole thing is coated with a bamboo fibre cover to rule out any feeling of warmth.

With this unique and premium composition, the Sleep Company mattress is among the best-performing markets. It provides optimal comfort and support on 7 comfort zones (head, shoulders, back, lumbar, buttocks, thighs and legs). With the shape memory foam and the stained springs, you also have independence between the 2 places (if your spouse moves). This Supreme Wellness model ensures good support for the spine and relieves pain.

To finish the point on this excellent mattress, it is necessary to come at the price. So it’s more expensive than the Emma Original mattress, but it’s more complete. If you want a classic Sleep Company-shaped memory foam mattress, you should opt for the Comfort Plus model. The latter rivals the Original of its German counterpart. This will range from 400 to 650 degrees.

Guarantees, delivery and trial period

To distinguish herself from Emma, Sleep Company has decided to offer even more generous services on all her products. The first argument proposes a trial period that climbs to 120 nights, or almost 4 months. The brand is convinced that it offers the best mattress online and can therefore afford the luxury of extending this trial period, which is 100 nights on average, among other actors.

In terms of the warranty on her beds, Sleep Company does better than Emma: 15 years guarantee, compared to 10 years for the first. Finally, as far as delivery (and possible return) is concerned, it is free. Note that Sleep Company also works with a financial partner to offer you a staggered 4x payment free of charge. Let’s move on to Wakefit in our mattress comparison.


Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

The German company Emma is enjoying great success all over Europe. In less than a decade, the brand has established itself as the reference for mattresses on the internet. In India, it is ubiquitous: social networks, TV clip or metro, the brand of bedding is displayed everywhere. The best mattress of the brand and the most popular is none other than the version called “Original”.

The Emma Original is a memory foam mattress that is very popular. It is tough to find better on the market in terms of value for money, especially since the German company often offers generous discounts. To meet the expectations of as many French people as possible, Emma has developed a “neither too soft nor too hard” mattress unanimous. Hence the so-called “universal” sleeping concept for everyone.

The composition of this mattress is simple but funny effective. It is divided into three layers, each of which is useful for providing maximum comfort to its users. The top layer (Airgocell) provides ventilation to the mattress – and in particular, to the shape memory. Some sometimes find it warm. With this one, sleepers will have no feeling of heat or humidity – and farewell the perspiration. It is also a way to avoid mites.

Then the middle layer is a memory foam of form. This layer ensures good posture and optimal sleep comfort throughout the night without giving you a feeling of sinking. The Emma mattress adapts to everyone’s curves without deforming. So you have no risk of the mattress collapsing over time.

Finally, the bottom layer is a so-called “cold” foam. This is the most important part of this 25 cm mattress. It provides firmness and support where it is needed. It will therefore adapt naturally so that the parts of the body are always well supported: back, shoulder, neck, lumbar etc. To offer the best online mattress to her customers, Emma thought of everything.

In addition to quality, you also have to take into account the price. The Original mattress ranges from 300 to 600 degrees depending on the size for a mattress with two seats on average. It’s an excellent price that you won’t find in a bedding store for such quality. Independent associations have recognized it for its good quality (UFC Que Choisir’s best mattress, “elected product of the year” in 2017 and 2018).


Wide range of sleep products

In addition to the Original mattress, the brand’s bestseller, Emma, has also expanded its range. Indeed, some want a cheaper version for their sleeping or a more sophisticated version. If they are not highlighted on the official website, they are still available for purchase. You will have to go to the foot of the site to discover them.

One example is the Emma One mattress (“elected product of the year” in 2019), a basic original version. It takes the same characteristics, but it is just less thick (18 cm). In terms of comfort, this height difference greatly influences the feeling. To learn more, our opinion on Emma is explicit.

There is also the Emma Diamant Noir mattress, which is the latest addition to the range. Freshly “elected product of the year” in 2020, it is Emma’s best performing product. In this case, it is the first “hybrid” mattress of the group. It combines the shape of memory foam with a layer of stained springs. It also has a graphite coating that allows for faster sleep and longer deep sleep phases. This layer naturally lowers body heat to provide better quality sleep.

In addition to her mattresses, Emma has also developed a range of sleep accessories. She uses her proprietary technology to apply it to a pillow, duvet, mattress pad or mattress protector. The German also displays a bed (with optional headboard) or a quality box spring made in India to sublimate the best mattress.

A series of beautiful arguments

DNBVs in bedding has been forced to offer unprecedented benefits to their customers on the internet to succeed in their bet. Emma understood that very well. In this case, it offers its customers a 100-day (and 100-night) testing period for its mattresses. At any time, they can apply for support to pick up the mattress and get a refund. The same goes for accessories and beds: it is the only one to offer so much flexibility on these products.

Emma’s second asset on her best online mattress is the warranty. Whether it’s the Original model or the others, you have a 10-year warranty on the product. At any time, if it were to have a defect, the manufacturer would take it back to you (for a refund or exchange). In a physical store, the warranty is rather around 5 years – and it sometimes pays off.

Finally, Emma also offers flexibility on payment, delivery and withdrawals. Thanks to its partner, you can pay for your purchase up to 4x at no cost. Its star mattress still costs between 300 and 600; it’s always nice to spread this amount over several months, especially if it’s free. To finish this part on Emma, delivery and returns are also free.


Different Type of  Mattresses 

Whether on the internet or in a physical shop, there are many types of mattresses. Finding the best mattress in India online by making a comparison must therefore take this parameter into account. Today, it is assumed that the memory foam mattress is one of the most upscale available on the market. Only the hybrid mattress (which combines memory foam and bagy springs) offers better.

On average, the French change their mattresses every 14 years. That said, sleep experts recommend changing bedding every 10 years at most. They also encourage people to change all their bedding simultaneously: mattresses, box springs, pillows and duvets. What for? Simply to make the most of the benefits of these new products.


Memory Foam Mattress

You will have to choose well and identify the best mattress for yourself. We have to find the right balance between quality, price and everyone’s needs. The foam mattress in memory form (also called viscoelastic foam) is the most popular. If you read our comparison of the best mattresses online above, all brands offer them.

In India, the most popular memory foam mattress is Emma’s Original. That said, the other brands are not left out: the bestseller at Eve is none other than its Classic mattress in memory of form. At Sleep Company, the Comfort Plus and Vitality models are 2 other bestsellers. Only Wakefit does not offer a memory foam mattress.

The cliché circulates that memory foam mattresses retain heat. Only today, the technologies are more advanced and offer a much more efficient ventilation system. This is the case, for example, with Emma, whose cover around the mattress is thermoregulatory. Also, it adds an Airgocell layer (above the form memory foam layer) that also allows ventilation of the sleeping area. At Eve or Sleep Company, the principle remains the same.


Spring Mattresses

There are different types of spring mattresses, and some are very premium. If, of course, we will think of the old mattress with springs that hinder comfort, there is now a more advanced technology. Bagy spring mattresses are the best you can get. In general, they are always associated with a layer of foam (form memory or not) that adds a level of comfort. With these stained springs, you have enough to rest and relieve your joints.

In terms of price, hybrid mattresses (with bagy springs and memory foam form) are much more expensive than classic memory foam mattress. That said, if you have the option to afford it, the comfort level is optimal. For example, Wakefit offers two excellent hybrid mattresses: the Wakefit Hybrid and the Wakefit Hybrid Pro. They combine state-of-the-art technology for a restful and enjoyable sleep.

We will not talk here about bi-conical spring mattresses or multi-spires springs that are more basic. These are not highlighted by premium brands on the internet, like Emma, Wakefit or Eve. We will also not talk about latex mattresses, which are also quite rare on the internet. Some are natural latex, but comfort and support are not ideal.


Tutorial: How to Choose the Best Mattress?

Before choosing the best mattress for you, you need to know all the parameters to consider. Above, we have distinguished between memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. These are the two large sleeping families that can be found on the internet.

While memory foam is more aimed at the general public, hybrid models are more upscale. In terms of price, the difference is marked. Cost is, therefore, a key criterion to consider when choosing your bed. On average, for a mattress (2 places) in memory foam form. In a physical shop, for equivalent quality, the cost can quickly be double (due to the costs: rents, salaries, delivery…).

In addition to the price, you will also have to choose your mattress’s firmness and support. Do you prefer a firm mattress? Soft? Depending on your choices, you will therefore move towards one model rather than another. Be aware that most internet models are “universal” and are therefore neither too firm nor too soft. Be careful; if you go to an extreme, this is not ideal for your joints. It’s best to choose a balanced mattress.

If you go to an online store, you may miss out on the best mattress. What for? Because you won’t be able to test it in real-world conditions. In a store, you are limited in the test: there are a protective film and you are dressed, which does not promote the real feeling of sleeping. With all the brands mentioned above in our comparison of the best online mattresses, you will be able to test the product.

Indeed, all brands offer a trial period between 100 and 200 days. Once you have recovered the rolled and compressed mattress at home, the first step is to open it. It will take 3 to 5 hours to take its final form. Then you can test it over the entire period. If you still do not like it after 2 or 3 weeks, you can return it without embarrassment.

Whether it’s Emma, Wakefit, Sleep Company or Eve, all these brands allow you to test their best mattress without commitment. At any time, if you ask for a return, you can then get a 100% refund. The brands are all lucid, and they know that their sleeping will not correspond to everyone. On average, the return rate varies between 3 and 5%, depending on the brand. These are mattresses that cater to the general public like those you can find in a hotel.



Now that we’ve finished this comparison guide, it’s time to conclude with the best mattress online. It’s hard to give you a single bed that would stand out from the others. Many criteria make some will move towards one model/brand rather than another. That said, in terms of value for money, some brands on the internet are taking the lead.

One example is Emma, which is an undisputed reference on memory foam mattresses. Its Original model is the biggest success of recent years in India. With more than 2 million units sold in 2020, it is the leader in India. Its success owes to an excellent value for money for a product of this quality.

If you want a slightly more premium and sharp mattress, Sleep Company offers an excellent alternative. The French brand (cocorico) offers its best hybrid mattress, called Supreme Wellness. The latter is thick compared to the rest of the market (30 centimetres), providing effective support. It is divided into 7 comfort zones to offer its sleepers high-quality comfort to their whole body.

Finally, the two British brands Eve and Wakefit, are sure values in the premium niche. If Sleep Company offers an excellent alternative to Emma (with her Comfort Plus mattress), Wakefit and Eve are above. They are excellent on the best online and hybrid mattresses. Perhaps it is advantageous to Wakefit, which offers the most sophisticated model on the market and offers 200 free trial nights.

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