4 Best Hybrid Mattress In India 2021

While memory-shaped mattresses are considered premium beds, hybrid mattresses are still a step up. In a single bed of this type, you will have an overlay of several premium materials. In many cases, memory foam and stained springs are part of the mix of materials.

For a very long time, the best hybrid mattresses were marketed in bedding stores. It is a more upscale product that meets the ultimate need for comfort to sleep better, recover better and relieve any pain. Logically, there needs to be a higher budget for these products. With the rise of mattress brands on the internet, the hybrid mattress is becoming much more accessible.

Leesa Hybrid, Emma, Tempur-Adapt or Eve have developed high-end hybrid mattresses that are more expensive than conventional memory mattresses. That said, they are still 2 to 3 times cheaper than equivalent products in a physical store. What for? Because these brands ignore the physical presence to optimize costs and lower the price of the mattress.

Some people will say that buying the best mattress brands in india without testing it is crazy. To answer these critics, the brands have devised an effective parade: to offer a trial period to convince themselves of the product’s quality. For example, if you take a Leesa Hybrid mattress, you will have 200 nights to test the product at home. Please don’t, the band picks it up, and it refunds you.


What Are Hybrid Mattresses?

The concept of a hybrid mattress doesn’t mean much. While most of these types of sleeping are premium by default, not all are premium. This requires good materials that will make up the mattress effectively. Below, we have prepared a comparative ranking with the best hybrid mattress on the market. We detail each composition.

Because mattresses on the internet are much cheaper than mattresses in-store (see explanations above), the best value for money is on the web. We have chosen hybrid mattresses’ best brands to give you some clues if you buy such a product. Finally, be aware that all these brands offer a trial period, so you have no risk of getting it wrong.

The Leesa Hybrid, Emma, Tempur-Adapt and Eve brands are the four benchmarks in the niche. Apart from Leesa Hybrid, who specializes in hybrid mattresses, the others also have a range of memory-shaped mattresses. All have won the recognition of recognized consumer associations: UFC Que Choose, Elected Product of the Year etc.


Best Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Hybrid Loose-cradling foam, nice bounce

Leesa Hybrid Loose-cradling foam, nice bounce

Leesa Hybrid is a British bedding brand that quickly conquered all European soil. For a long time, she relied on only one bed: the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid. This hybrid mattress has been accompanied since October 2020 by a new one in the range: the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid Pro. As the name suggests, the latter is even more efficient.

That said, the reference is still the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid mattress today. The latter is probably the best hybrid mattress on the market, thanks to the know-how and technical expertise that no other player has. In terms of mattress composition, the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid is the most advanced of all. It is 25 cm thick and provides unique comfort. Hence its popularity: it has sold more than a million copies.

The composition of the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid:

  • A knitted cover: Leesa Hybrid is the only mattress brand to offer an ultra-premium knitted cover to protect its mattress. But unlike other actors, this one cannot be unzipped and washed. It would help if you, therefore, thought about taking a mattress pad to avoid any incident. This cover is, therefore, ultra-breathable fresh, and it is also hypoallergenic.
  • An open-cell foam with the graph: the first layer of the hybrid mattress is open cell-shaped memory foam. It is, therefore, fresher than a memory foam of classic (hot) shape thanks to a good ventilation system. Better yet, this layer incorporates graphite. This material actively helps to lower body temperature to facilitate sleep. From a comfort point of view, this layer welcomes the body in the best way. The Leesa Hybrid Hybrid is neither too soft nor too hard: it is just balanced.
  • A layer of bagy springs: bag springs are often present in the best hybrid mattresses. Here, Leesa Hybrid has developed a unique layer of ultra-light titanium entrenched springs of 2.5 cm. It is a skinny layer that ensures ultimate well-being while promoting support. Other brands favour larger and perhaps less comfortable springs.
  • A high-resilience foam and a support base: this is called cold foam. In all mattresses, the base is used as a counter-pressure to the shape memory and the bagy springs. It ensures good body support and better posture. It consists of 7 support zones that relieve all the body’s critical and sensitive points: head, shoulders, back, lumbar, buttocks, thighs, legs.

With such a composition, the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid deserves its status as the best hybrid mattress of the moment. While the Hybrid Pro model is even more efficient, it is more expensive. In terms of value for money, the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid is therefore ahead. This is all the more the case since this model saw its price drop a little at the time of the Hybrid Pro model release.

From a technical point of view, Leesa Hybrid achieves the flawless: titanium stained springs, shape memory and graphite – no competitor does so well. It is a very advanced product that all experts have recognized. It’s a premium product, so it’s also a little more expensive than rivals. That said, for those looking for ultimate comfort, the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid mattress is ideal.

To finish this part on the best hybrid mattress of the comparison, it is necessary to come at the price. The latter varies depending on the size of the bed you take. Overall, the price range ranges from 700 to 1300 for this Hybrid model. Leesa Hybrid offers a discount of between 20 and 30% on the product from time to time so that the smallest model can fall around 500 euros.

If you had the opportunity to read our review on Leesa Hybrid mattresses, you also saw users’ generous rating: 4.8 / 5 on average out of 14,000 reviews filed on the official website. On the independent website Trust Pilot, the brand received a score of 4.3/5 out of more than 3,600 customer returns. If you still need to convince yourself, Leesa Hybrid offers 200 free trial nights on his mattress.


Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) A slow, curve-conforming sink

Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) A slow, curve-

Tempur-Adapt is one of the only French brands to stand out in the internet bedding market. There are two types of mattresses in their range: those with memory foam form and those called “hybrids”. In the latter category, it is the Supreme Wellness mattress that differs from the rest. He comes to compete with the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid or with the Black Diamond (see below).


If today, this model ranks among the best hybrid mattresses in our comparison, it is because it combines two things perfectly. First of all, the quality of the product is convincing. Below, you will detail the composition of the mattress: it is sophisticated and designed to offer maximum comfort to the sleeper. Then, its price is really competitive for this level of quality.

Composition of Supreme Welfare:

  • A bamboo protective cover: For her premium hybrid mattress, Tempur-Adapt decided to coat the bed with a bamboo fibre cover. It is, therefore, a natural cover, the material of which is known to be naturally absorbent. It will therefore avoid moisture, scare away mites and also ventilate the sleeping area. No matter what time of year you have, you’ll never get too hot.
  • Memory foam of shape: as in many hybrid mattresses, there is a memory foam of shape. Tempur-Adapt is a great expert in the field, and this one is no exception to the rule. 5 cm thick, it will provide a good soft welcome without creating a feeling of sinking. It is this shape memory that ensures the comfort of the mattress and the relief of pressure points.
  • A layer of natural latex: Tempur-Adapt adds a layer of natural latex under the form of memory to amplify its benefits. It also strengthens the shape memory’s elasticity while protecting the mattress to give it a longer life.
  • A honeycomb foam: The middle layer in this best hybrid mattress is foam that relieves pressure and ensures good support for the spine. And this, regardless of your sleeping position: sell, back or side.
  • A support foam: the support foam is used to counter-press the shape memory. She is the one who will give good support to the mattress so that it is balanced. So you won’t lie on a mattress that’s too soft or too thick. It is a good compromise that will answer as many people as possible.
  • A layer of bagged springs: if the Leesa Hybrid mattress places its bagy springs in the middle of the bed, they are on the lower part at Tempur-Adapt. The difference is that they are almost 10x larger (20 cm). That said, because they are at the bottom of the mattress, they will never get in the way. The fact that they are each packaged independently in a pouch ensures good comfort and autonomy (if you sleep together).

If you compare hybrid mattresses with memory-shaped mattresses, you will understand the huge technical difference between the two models. The logical consequence is also that the price of hybrid models is much higher. That said, Tempur-Adapt has made real efforts to limit this price. This is precisely what makes the value for money so enticing.

In this case, it is only a little more expensive than memory-shaped mattresses. Thus, the Supreme Wellness hybrid mattress ranges between 469 and 799 degrees, depending on the size of the bed you take. The intermediate model in 140 x 190 cm is priced at 699 euros. That said, Tempur-Adapt occasionally offers discounts on its range, so you can save 15/25% if you fall at the right time.

In terms of price, the Supreme Wellness mattress is more expensive than other products in the range. That said, the French brand ranks very well compared to international competition. Whether it’s Leesa Hybrid, Emma or Eve, they all sell a much more expensive hybrid mattress. The one at Tempur-Adapt is on average 30% cheaper than other actors.

Before moving on to our hybrid mattress comparison, we need to recall Tempur-Adapt’s services: 120 trial nights offered, 15 years of warranty and free shipping. If you want, the French company also allows you to pay your purchase in 3 or 4x at no cost.


WinkBed (Luxury Firm) Good cushion atop an abundance of coils

WinkBed (Luxury Firm) Good cushion atop an abundance of coils

WinkBed is no longer presented because the brand has established itself in the bedding landscape in Europe. The German company is a hit with its original model, which has sold more than two million copies. That said, it is part of the memory mattress – unlike the Black Diamond model, which is a hybrid bed.


The Black Diamond mattress was a response to Leesa Hybrid, Tempur-Adapt and Eve products. Emma didn’t want to miss an opportunity to get left behind. So she has developed sleeping that places itself legitimately today in the top of the best hybrid mattresses. It is close to a Leesa Hybrid in terms of price, and it will not be accessible to all.

Composition of the Black Diamond:

  • A thermo-regulatory cover: Like all mattresses in the Emma range, the Black Diamond comes with a cover that ensures the mattress’s good ventilation. It can be de-zipped and machine-washed to erase any incident.
  • Graphite foam: Like the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid mattress, there is a Diamond Degree graphite foam here that lowers body temperature. This actively promotes the person’s sleep. With a cooler body, this mattress also provides longer deep sleep phases and better recovery.
  • Adaptive comfort foam: This intermediate foam layer allows you to distribute your body’s pressure optimally on the mattress. It is thanks to her that you will be able to sleep comfortably, regardless of your position.
  • A foam of stained springs: then, we find this layer of small, stained springs that promote dynamic body adaptation and improved breathability.
  • A cold foam: As in most mattresses, high-density cold foam is located at the mattress’s bottom. It provides good support to the entire mattress.

In terms of composition, this hybrid mattress is also among the elite of the market. It is made up of proprietary technologies that have contributed greatly to the success of the brand. With this product, you will be able to sleep efficiently and very comfortably. As for the first 2, you are on a bed similar to what one would find in a luxury hotel.

Obviously, with such a composition and such quality, the Diamant Noir hybrid mattress is not accessible to everyone. It costs between 649 and 1,399 for such a bed. Note that only 6 sizes available: most of them are formats for a double bed. Unlike other products in the manufacturer’s range, the Emma Diamant Noir is rarely on sale.

That said, you still have real flexibility at the time of purchase. If you take this best hybrid mattress, you will get a 100-day trial period. The delivery is free and the possible return too. You should also know that Emma guarantees its mattresses over a period of 10 years against manufacturing defects. To learn more, our opinion on Tempur-Adapt is clear and unbending.


Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid A balanced, affordable hybrid

Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid A balanced, affordable hybrid

At the end of 2019, the Eve Hybrid Premium mattress received the highest distinction from UFC Que Choose: it was the best mattress choice. That said, it’s a hybrid mattress, so the price is higher than average. It will not be as mainstream as a bed like the Eve Classic, but it is more orientated towards a well-to-do clientele. Overall, Eve is the premium company on this page.

The Eve Hybrid Premium mattress is an excellent product with a finish-to-end composition. The English brand does not disappoint on any of its products. She is known for being very premium, and she assumes it. Its successful aesthetic contributes to its popularity throughout Europe. It stands out with its yellow borders, characteristic of the brand’s beds.

Composition of the Eve Hybrid Premium:

  • A protective cover: From the top cover, Eve announces the colour. It is thick and quilted protection with a silver thread. It is intended to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It will also help to clear the heat of the mattress.
  • A layer of foam: The first layer of Evefloat foam helps relieve pressure points and provide good support while removing any sinking feeling. It sits just above the form memory foam layer. It, therefore, provides a counter-pressure so that the mattress is just well balanced. It is also she who will offer softness to the mattress.
  • A memory foam: Eve has real know-how in memory foam form. In this hybrid mattress, she also added graphite particles to this layer. This helps to lower the heat of the foam (and body) to facilitate sleep. This foam also helps release the body’s pressure.
  • A support layer: This layer is the third from the top and provides a good sleeper posture. Regardless of its position, this foam can always keep its spine aligned. This will help you avoid back pain that is sometimes found in poor quality mattresses.
  • A layer of bagy springs: In the best hybrid mattress in the range, Eve has added a layer of 1,364 bagged springs (12 cm) to provide exceptional support regardless of movement. It is a breathable technology that will not give a feeling of warmth. Note that it is wrapped in a foam capsule to guarantee stability.

From a technical point of view, the Eve Hybrid Premium hybrid mattress is very advanced. It is clearly at the top of our comparison of the best hybrid mattresses in France. The brand has made real efforts on quality; it has developed solid technologies, such as a Leesa Hybrid. In terms of price, it is still in the high range.

Unlike the other three brands with mattresses of this type, this is not the case with Eve. It is, therefore, necessary to opt for a 2-seater bed. Prices range from €949 to €1,199, depending on the format you take. This is still much more expensive than other brands on the most standard format, namely the 140 x 190 cm.

That said, even if this product does not offer the best value for money, it remains an excellent hybrid mattress. It’s a product we recommend, and it doesn’t cost you anything to test it. The English brand gives you 100 nights of testing for this mattress. Please do not, during your test; the brand comes to collect it and refunds you in the process. Delivery and returns are all free.



We finally got to the end of this hybrid mattress comparison. Which one should I choose? It’s hard to answer without knowing your budget and needs. The four brands above all offer excellent price-quality. By opting for a single sales channel (the web), they can drastically reduce costs… and, therefore, the final rate charged to the customer. On average, these products are 2 to 3x cheaper than in-store.

Of all the best hybrid mattresses cited, the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid stands out. It is the most technical, but not the most expensive. It is less efficient than the new Leesa Hybrid Hybrid Pro released in October 2020 (double layer of stained springs, wool, etc.), but it is already among the market elite.

The best value for money is perhaps the French Tempur-Adapt with its Model Supreme Wellness: it is also the cheapest of all. However, it is not far ahead of the Leesa Hybrid Hybrid. Behind it is the Black Diamond of the German company Emma. The latter is primarily specialized in memory mattresses, but we can still salute a perfect hybrid mattress. However, it is among the most expensive on the market, so the budget should make more than one think.

If you are looking to change all your bedding simultaneously, Eve Matelas is a perfect choice. The brand offers the best hybrid mattress in its range, the Premium Hybrid. It also offers many products for sleep: better pillows, duvets, bed linen, box springs, beds and even bedside tables. It is the most complete, it has a design of its own, and it is very successful.

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