10 Best Epilator For Women In India 2021

Choosing an epilator is a serious matter. They are not cheap, so you have no right to make a mistake. With our rating, you will choose a model of exceptional quality. Meet the best epilators of 2021.


Buying Guide |Best Epilator For Women In India 


The house is suitable as a rechargeable and an epilator with power from the network. Network-powered epilators are reliable. They give out stable power and do not discharge at the most inopportune moment. But they can not be used in the shower, and not everyone likes to get confused in the wire. Battery epilators are as convenient as possible: they can be taken with you on trips, use in the bathroom (if there is a wet hair removal function). But it is worth remembering that the battery requires frequent recharging and eventually loses capacity, breaking down.


The nozzles

extend the functionality of the epilator. The trimmer and razor nozzle will help you do all sorts of intimate hairstyles, and the nozzle for point hair removal is perfect for hair removal in the bikini area, armpits, or face. The nozzle for peeling is also required. The more additional elements, the more expensive the device, so it is worth choosing only those options you really plan to use.


Additional functions

Floating head epilator – important for clean hair removal on any bend of the body. High-quality lighting (better LED) is beneficial. A cooling mitt is mandatory for those with sensitive skin.


Which Brand is better?

Manufacturers of epilators are not so much, and buyers prefer to choose proven firms rather than the risk with unknown brands. Three “whales” in the production of epilators – Braun, Philips, and Panasonic – buyers most often choose models of these firms. Rowenta is another contender for the title of a successful brand of epilators. Each of these brands has an impressive range of epilators, from the simplest to the most innovative. From year to year, the characteristics of these products are improved, making hair removal more and more careful and effective. Let’s say in secret, there are still a lot of devices of lesser-known firms, but judging by the reviews, they are not suitable for leaders. Therefore, today’s competition will take place exclusively between representatives of big-name brands.

Here is a rating of quality, durable, effective, and functional epilators based on customer feedback and expert assessments.


Best epilators For Women In India 

Braun Silk Epil 7 7 561 Epilator

Braun Silk Epil 7 7 561 Epilator

Opens our rating of Braun 5780 Silk-Epil epil – the best in terms of price, quality, and functionality. Four nozzles – for point hair removal (face, armpit areas, etc.), for effective removal of vegetation, nozzle-massager, nozzle-trimmer – provide excellent quality work epilator. Floating hair removal with the possibility of rinsing perfectly repeats the body’s contours and is conveniently cleaned. Also included are a cleaning brush, a case, and a cooling mitt – an indispensable attribute for sensitive skin. With the technology of removing even short hairs, Close-Grip hair will be simple and pleasant. Customers note the painlessness of the procedure thanks to a cooling mitt and 40 tweezers.

Key pros:

  • Almost painless hair removal;
  • Illumination;
  • Low noise
  • A large number of nozzles
  • roller massager;
  • long power cord.


  • High cost
  • complex cleaning of nozzles.


Philips BRE635 Satinelle Advanced Cordless Epilator

Philips BRE635 Satinelle Advanced Cordless Epilator

The best inexpensive epilator in our ranking is Philips BRE625. Classics of the genre at a very budget price: a compact and light epilator recognizable round shape. The device has 20 tweezers; the only nozzle is removable, it can be washed. Suitable only for feet, as it does not have additional nozzles and special modes. The BRE225 model is chosen by many women precisely for the simplicity and absence of redundant options, and it works for them for years! According to reviews, the epilator has a strong body, is resistant to fall, and is convenient as a road option.

Key pros:

  • Durable and durable;
  • Compact;
  • Affordable price
  • 1.8 m long cord


  • Noisy;
  • No interchangeable nozzles;
  • sometimes skips hairs, but it’s not just a problem with budget models.


Braun Face 80 – Pack of 2 Brush Refills

Braun Face 80 – Pack of 2 Brush Refills

Rowenta’s German Soft Sensation epilator is made using pain-Free’s unique pain-free pain technology. Also, the parallel available area is massaged with special vibrating balls. This dual system of anesthesia allows girls to carry out hair removal with maximum comfort.

The device is equipped with a removable epilation head, nozzles for delicate areas, peeling, and a brush to clean them. All of them can be washed underwater. The epilator is also equipped with Vision lighting and two-speed modes. It can capture even short hairs. The number of tweezers is 24.

Key pros:

  • Anesthesia system during hair removal;
  • removes even small hairs (lt; 0.5 mm);
  • The backlight function
  • Several removable washes;
  • comfortable long wire.


  • not suitable for everyone, can break thin hairs.

Models in the lineup:

  • Rowenta EP 5720 – shaving nozzle, trimmer


Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator

Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator

In the manufacture of this epilator, the manufacturer used Silence noise suppression technology, which, thanks to the double airtight body, makes the device almost silent. Compared to previous models of the brand, this one works four times quieter. Its feature was the Micro-contact comfort system for the most careful hair removal with a minimum of irritations and a special massage ball system for pain relief in the process.

In addition to the standard nozzle with a floating head, the set included a razor nozzle, nozzles for peeling and sensitive areas, and a trimmer, as well as a brush to clean them. The epilator is supplemented with two speeds and illumination; it copes well even with hard and thick hairs. Princess has a special patented form, allowing to capture hairs of any length, their number – 24.

Key pros:

  • Quiet work;
  • Several washable interchangeable nozzles;
  • Built-in lighting
  • Removes hairs less than 0.5 mm;
  • special technologies for comfortable shaving.


  • not everyone fits – thin hair can break.

Models in the lineup:

  • Rowenta Silence of EP 5620 – hair nozzle, body peeling, delicate areas


Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator

Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator

Thanks to the Silence Soft system, the epilator works almost silently. The device fits tightly to the skin while working, which guarantees the removal of all hairs. A wide floating head with 24 tweezers works in two-speed modes. After use, it can be washed—power from the network. The set includes nozzles for hair removal of the armpits and bikini areas, for peeling, as well as a comfortable handbag.

Key pros:

  • Almost silent work;
  • Peeling nozzle;
  • Floating head;
  • Illumination;
  • inexpensively.


  • Not suitable for everyone, can break thin hairs;
  • according to reviews, the nozzles are not very popular.

Models in the lineup:

  • Rowenta EP 5660 – point hair removal, trimmer, nozzle-comb

Braun Series-3/3270 Epilator

Braun Series-3/3270 Epilator

The battery epilator has a wide floating head, which allows you to process a large area. Improved tweezers pluck even the smallest hairs. A special peel brush exfoliates dead epithelium cells, making the skin healthier and smoother. The brush for cleaning the face carefully cleans the clogged pores. Dry and wet hair removal is possible. The device is illuminated and runs from the battery for up to 40 minutes. The set includes a handbag for storage.

Key pros:

  • Illumination;
  • Fast battery charging
  • Hairs are collected inside the device;
  • Increased nozzle
  • Wet hair removal with foam is possible;
  • brushes for peeling and cleaning the face in the kit.


  • High cost
  • It is not possible to turn off the lights during hair removal.

Models in the lineup:

  • Braun 9-961 Silk-Epil 9 – trimmer nozzle, floating head
  • Braun 9-970 Silk-Epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart – floating head
  • Braun 9-990 Silk-Epil 9 SkinSpa SensoSmart – body peeling, trimmer nozzle, delicate areas, floating head


Braun Silk-Epil SE 5-541 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

Braun Silk-Epil SE 5-541 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

The 7-in-1 epilator with maximum equipment and the possibility of use in the shower. Ultrasonic peeling nozzle removes dead cells and adds the effect of light massage, which can be used with foam (ultrasound makes the foam thick and soft). It is powered by a battery that keeps the charge 30 minutes offline. The full charge time is only 1 hour. The head of the epilator is easily washed. Included is a brush to clean the head and case.

Key pros:

  • movable double head;
  • Fast charging
  • 7 nozzles;
  • The waterproof case can be washed;
  • There is a backlight.
  • It can be used with foam.


  • High price.

Models in the lineup:

  • Panasonic ES-ED53 – Trimmer nozzle
  • Panasonic ES-ED70 – Trimmer nozzle


Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

A battery epilator with a floating head, equipped with 40 tweezers, a massager, and an additional restrictive nozzle, gently removes the hair even underwater. Highlights the area being processed. Opening hours – up to 40 minutes, charging time – 1 hour, provided 2-speed modes. Included: cooling wipes and brush for cleaning.

Key pros:

  • Illumination;
  • Floating head;
  • Massager;
  • Fast battery life
  • durable and reliable.


  • The efficiency of hair removal in water is lower;
  • weak point – razor head (according to reviews, may fail).

Models in the lineup:

  • Braun 7175 Silk-Epil 7 – cooling nozzle


Impex IS-V2 Rechargeable Lady Shaver Epilator

Impex IS-V2 Rechargeable Lady Shaver Epilator

Continues our ranking of the best Braun 7175 Silk-Epil 7 epil. The device has a floating head with 20 tweezers and a massage nozzle, illuminates the treated area, provided 2 speeds. You can remove hairs underwater, in the shower, and bathroom. It runs from the battery for up to 40 minutes, after which it takes charge lasting only 1 hour, which will show a special indicator. The epilator is protected from overheating. The kit also includes a cleaning brush, a cooling mitt, and a case.

Key pros:

  • Illumination;
  • Massager;
  • Fast battery life
  • There is a charge indicator (blinking at a low charge);
  • can be used underwater.


  • Only 1 nozzle is included.



An epilator is a necessary gadget that will save the body from hairs for a long time. If everything is done according to the rules, the effect of hair removal can last up to 30-40 days. When ordering such a device, the question arises of using the epilator at home so that the deliverance process was effective and painless. All the subtleties are in the article.

How the epilator works

The work of the device is to remove hairs with hair follicles in the way tweezers do.

The speed of the tongs, on which the frequency of hairs is pulled, is affected by the chosen model. Usually, there are two:

  • Standard – hairs break out quite quickly; hair removal of one leg will take 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Delicate – slow speed is suitable for hair removal of sensitive skin and bikini areas. In this case, the process will last almost twice as long.

ImportantWhen choosing the speed of rotation, you need to remember – the more it is, the more hairs break out in one rotation.


Epilator nozzles and their features

The device can be equipped with nozzles for different zones, each of which has its own features. About them – in the table:

Type of nozzle

What you need

Standard For the hair removal of legs and arms. Example: EP7035 Remington SP.

Delicate For sensitive skin, bikinis, and armpits

Heel nozzle Relieves rough skin and reduces trampling

For the face, Removes the cannon and allows you to work delicately with small areas like the skin above the upper lip


Cons and pros of using an epilator

The pros and cons of this device are collected in the table:



Easy to use Painfulness in the first 2-3 sessions. In the future, the skin adapts and gradually gets used to the procedure.

You should take into account your pain threshold – the higher it is, the more delicate everything should be

It does not leave cuts and abrasions, as it happens when shaving. It takes longer than shaving.

Long-term result – up to 2 months Noise while old models work. The newer the epilator, the quieter it works.

It pays off quickly. Old epilators cannot capture short hairs the size of a grain of sand. Devices from the new lines capture even three-day bristles.

Hairs grow off slowly and without hard tips. Over time, they lose color and become thinner, making them virtually invisible. Ingrown hair may appear, as with shaving or waxing.

No extra tools are needed.  

Plenty of choices  

If the device is properly used, most of the shortcomings can be negated.


What is the difference between hair removal and depilation?

When depilation, only the upper part of the hair is disposed of. During hair removal, the hair is completely removed along with the root.

A depilator, such as regular or electric razors, is used to remove the outer part of the hair without hitting the hair follicle.

Depilation is recommended:

  • To remove hair in people with hypersensitive skin;
  • If you have warts- razor is easier to work on difficult areas without damaging formations;
  • in varicose veins and protruding veins – in such cases, hair removal is strictly prohibited, as well as photo epilation;
  • in areas where there are too many moles.

ImportantUse of the epilator in the area with moles is prohibited – regular injury of tumors is fraught with serious consequences, up to the development of malignant diseases.

It is possible to carry out hair removal in all other cases – it is only worth remembering that its principle is to remove hair with small tweezers or discs. Therefore, do not expect from the procedure that it will be painless.

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The exception is photo epilators – they remove the hair with a small but powerful flash that penetrates the hair follicle and “lulls” it. Experts do not advise using devices on the face, as if mishandled, it can get burnt.

WarningPhotoepilators should be used with caution and following instructions.


Basic rules on how to use an epilator

Before the hair removal, you should make the training, the rules of which are below.

When it is forbidden to do hair removal

The procedure should start with a close examination of the areas where the treatment will be carried out and ensure that they are not irritated by abrasions and bruises.

You can’t also do hair removal:

  • immediately after the chemical depilation and two to three days after it;
  • During treatment with retinoids;
  • in violation of blood clotting and predisposition to bleeding from the smallest interaction with the skin;
  • During pregnancy (if it is photo and laser hair removal);
  • If a person has mental illness – experiences against the background of uncertainty can provoke a relapse;
  • tumors (even if they are benign).

Epilation is not recommended if there is: diabetes, severe hypertension, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, acute herpes, keloid disease, various infectious and skin diseases.

ImportantIt is desirable not to sunbathe and do not use a tan immediately after the procedure.

Before you have a hair removal at home, you should shave your legs and wait 3-7 days. During this time, the hairs will grow back to an ideal 0.5-2 mm.

Working with very short hairs will not bring the desired result, and too long will simply break, leaving the root inside.



Before using the epilator, steam the skin in the shower or bath is necessary, especially for procedures in the bikini area. It is also advisable to scrub the body or rub it with a washcloth, getting rid of the remnants of keratinized skin.

This will make it easier for the epilator to grab and remove hairs.

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Before work, it is desirable to treat the body and the device with disinfectants.


Procedure at home

Instructions for hair removal are as follows:

  1. It all starts with the legs – the most insensitive” area of the body. Depending on the pain threshold, the nozzle is chosen. If it is low, it is better to remove hair on the legs with a delicate nozzle. If the threshold is high, any other will suit. For the first time, it is recommended to use only delicate to make it easier to get used to the process.
  2. First, you need to do the hair removal in a slow mode. After getting used to it, you can speed up the rotation of the tweezers. Those who have already caught the right use of a conventional epilator can switch to a photo spiralizer, like Philips Lumea Advanced.
  3. Then you need to go to the bikini and armpits. They are recommended a delicate nozzle and a flow regime. The reason is the increased sensitivity of the skin in these areas in both women and men. Use a quick mode and other epilator nozzles in the bikini area is undesirable – it will be too painful.

Hair above the lip and nose is removed with special nozzles, which can not be used in other areas for hygiene.


How to make hair removal less painful

You can reduce the pain by following the instructions:

  • If the epilator is waterproof, like the Remington EP7700 Smooth and Silky, you can use it right in the bathroom. Warm water relaxes the body, improves sliding, and reduces the possibility of irritation. If it does not have inscriptions indicating waterproofing, it is strictly forbidden to use an epilator in water and models that work exclusively from the outlet.
  • Use massage nozzles that accelerate blood flow and, thanks to micro-needle dull the sensitivity of nerve endings. With them, hair removal is less painful.
  • Choose gadgets with the ability to cool. If this function does not exist, the procedure may be accompanied by a cooling mitt or a bag of ice.
  • The first procedures should be performed only at low speeds – so the body will get used to how the epilator works.
  • You can use creams and gels with lidocaine – it “freezes” the skin, making the process less painful.

ImportantBefore using any drugs, should consult a doctor. Otherwise, the consequences can be unpredictable.

  • Epilation should begin with areas with the lowest sensitivity, gradually moving to the armpits and bikini area. A face can use special trimers like Remington EP7070.


How to care for your skin after the procedure

Tips for follow-up care:

  1. Take a cool shower to soothe your skin.
  2. Make a chamomile broth and rub the traversed areas.
  3. Wipe the overpriced areas with ice cubes. If desired, you can freeze chamomile tea. Frozen broth soothes the skin much more effectively than regular water.
  4. Apply a special post-epilation gel or cream that reduces irritation.
  5. Once a week, “clean” the skin with a scrub to remove the keratinized layer of the epidermis. So future hair removal will go more smoothly.


Features of hair removal in different parts of the body

The process seems completely identical in different zones, but its technique is still slightly different depending on the procedure’s site. Below is how to do the right hair removal so that the use of the device was as painless as possible.


Hair removal of the armpits

One of the most sensitive areas of the body, which in doing so should be perfectly smooth at any time of the year. The easiest way to do this is with an epilator.

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As mentioned above, you should keep your hand outstretched so that there are no wrinkles and squishy, because it would be possible to miss the hairs accidentally.

ImportantFor several hours after hair removal, it is forbidden to use deodorants to irritate the skin further.


Leg hair removal

The procedure on the calves and hips will be quick and simple – the main thing is to use the above tips.

The algorithm of how to properly utilize the legs is:

  1. The skin is steamed – it is necessary to open the pores and the rush of blood to the upper layer of the epidermis. You can also stimulate the rush of blood with a coarse washcloth. Massage with it will further reduce the pain.
  2. The epilator is taken by the hand that the body is used to shave. The second-hand pulls a little bit of the place where the procedure will take place.
  3. Next, you need to drive the head of the epilator, touching the skin lightly. Most effectively, intermittent movements from the bottom up at right angles – so hairs are pulled out the fastest. The process should resemble eyebrow plucking: there are the same light and fast movements to cause as little pain as possible.
  4. After hair removal, it is desirable to cool the skin: the easiest way to do it with ice from the refrigerator. You can also use special cooling ointments, which are sold in every cosmetic store.

Literally, after a few sessions of action are produced to automatism. 

You need to work very carefully with the back of the knee and the inside of the thigh. It is best to work their nozzles for delicate zones and at low speeds. The desired angle is 90 degrees. So the tweezers will rip the hairs out, not just break them.


Bikini epilation

A delicate area where the procedure should be carried out with caution. In the first sessions, it is better not to be kind than to damage the skin accidentally. Movements should be done with a sterile special nozzle.

You can also use trimmers with the ability to wet cleaning items such as Remington BHT250 – so you can disinfect before the hair removal. After it should cool the skin, applying ice.

Purchasing an epilator, you should understand the features of all actions. Sometimes it can be more painful than originally thought, but after 2-3 sessions, the body will get used to hair removal. Using the above recommendations, everything will pass simply. 



According to the ” Price Expert, “the ranking of the best epilators included models that, according to the “Price Expert,” will suit any woman. To choose from what, especially all the epilators in the ranking, were rated by buyers on “excellent” and “good.” Good buy!

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